GIA holds first Graduate Diamonds Ceremony in Amman

April 10, 2014 10:51 am

GIA (Gemological Institute of America) recently held its first Graduate Diamonds Diploma programme in Amman, an important consumer jewellery market in the Middle East. The students – ranging from business owners to professionals to consumers from across Jordan – graduated in a ceremony which included an address by Osama Imseeh, chairman and general manager of the Imseeh Group.

With more than 20 years of experience in Jordan’s jewellery industry, Imseeh also heads the the Jordanian Jewelers’ Syndicate. Under his leadership, Imseeh Jewellery advanced its position as the first and largest Jordanian producer and supplier of luxurious and high quality jewellery products. Imseeh shared his insights and learnings with the graduates encouraging them to pursue their passions.

“The gem and jewellery industry in the Middle East is growing at a healthy rate. I believe education, training and passion will help the next-generation of qualified professionals taking over the reins. I am glad GIA is able to bring their international education to Jordanians. This will help us take our retail growth to the next level,” said Imseeh.

“Supporting the gem and jewellery industry across the globe through education is essential to GIA’s mission. Offering the Graduate Diamonds programme in Amman is yet another step in our journey to offer education in the region’s growing markets. We look forward to bringing expanded courses such as Jewellery Design to the trade and consumers in Jordan,” said Nirupa Bhatt, managing director of GIA in India and the Middle East.

GIA’s Graduate Diamonds Diploma is a seven-week programme that teaches the GIA-created 4Cs (Colour, Cut, Clarity and Carat weight) and International Diamond Grading System. Students learn how diamonds are formed, mined, manufactured and marketed; and how to identify diamond treatments for colour and clarity such as HPHT, coating, irradiation, fracture filling & laser drilling and common diamond simulants (“look-a-likes”). The programme gives hands-on practical training with state-of-the-art gemmological equipment and practice on actual diamonds.

GIA’s experienced instructors, backed by decades of gemmological research, ensure that each student receives the same quality education, whether in New York, London, Mumbai or Amman. In addition to classroom learning, the inaugural Amman class received practical instruction during field trips to companies representing different parts of the industry.

In addition to Amman, GIA conducts courses at major trade centres in the Middle East including Bahrain, Dubai, Kuwait, Lebanon, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Turkey. The Institute’s courses focus on diamonds, coloured stones, pearls, jewellery design and more.