Go beyond picture quality: Sony puts fresh new angle on TV

April 23, 2014 10:36 am

Sony Middle East and Africa FZE announced the launch of the new innovative wedge structure in its latest range of Full HD TVs – the BRAVIA W850B series – packed with state-of-the-art technology to offer optimal picture quality and outstanding sound dynamics.

New Wedge Form Factor
– Increases stability with small pedestal size
– Allows wide variety of installation options despite large screen surface
– Several models feature two way stand for direct installation on the wall.

Featuring the acclaimed X-Reality PRO processing engine that reproduces an outstanding amount of detail during playback, the W850B series incorporates the new innovative structure ‘Wedge’ – a form factor designed to increase stability at a time when screen size continues to grow. By lowering the TV’s centre of gravity, Sony was able to achieve a smaller pedestal size than conventional TVs, opening up a world of viable installation options despite a large screen surface. Several of the new BRAVIA models now feature a two-way stand, giving consumers the option to directly mount their new sets on the wall without having to purchase extra accessories.

Optimal Sound Output
– Wedge shape brings increased capacity while improving sound quality
– Incorporates large speaker to provide deep and powerful sound
– ClearAudio+ technology delivers superior quality sound combining audio digital processing solutions

In addition to offering increased installation options, the TV’s sound quality has also been improved. The wedge shape expands capacity and is used to incorporate a large speaker to provide deeper, more powerful sound, unprecedented for a flat-screen TV. The augmented speaker capacity enriches bass and reduces distortion to enhance overall TV viewing experience.

The new BRAVIA W850B series also promises powerful sound with its ClearAudio+ technology that combines a variety of Sony’s unique audio digital processing solutions to produce superior-quality sound. This technology creates an immersive experience by faithfully reproducing a wide range of sounds with authentic clarity.

TV Viewing Convenience
– New One-Flick Entertainment option allows users to quickly select content
– One-flick remote features intuitive touch-pad for quick content search
– One-touch mirroring reflects content from smartphone screen onto TV
– Social Viewing allows one-on-one communication via Skype.

Introducing One-Flick Entertainment, the BRAVIA TVs allow users to quickly select and enjoy content. To enhance efficiency, Sony has developed the One-Flick remote that features an intuitive touch-pad for users to search for content quickly and easily, besides offering a one-touch mirroring capability to reflect content from the smartphone screen onto the TV.
The W850B series additionally packs a unique Social Viewing feature that provides consumers with the convenience of sharing their viewing experiences via Skype with family, friends and loved ones, eliminating geographical distances.

For FIFA fans
– Live Football Mode transports viewers to scene of live game
– Live Football Launcher enables watching recorded footage from YouTube and the official FIFA video channel.

FIFA fans can look forward to the Live Football Mode that transports them to the action of the stadium. Live Football Launcher also offers viewers the flexibility of watching previously-recorded footage from YouTube and the official FIFA video channel. Trivia on the game’s history is also provided.

Utilising its display technologies, Sony additionally gives consumers accessibility to 500px, a premier photography community via the new BRAVIA TVs. With this television, consumers are introduced to a world of stunning images that can be enjoyed in the best quality possible.

The new range of BRAVIA W850B series in 70-inch and 60-inch screen sizes is currently available at all Jumbo outlets and select electronics retailers in the UAE.

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