GOIC publishes new issue of Magazine ‘Industrial Cooperation in the Arabian Gulf’

July 22, 2014 9:58 am

The Gulf Organization for Industrial Consulting (GOIC) published the 109 issue of the journal “industrial cooperation in the Arabian Gulf”, which was introduced by Mr. Abdul Aziz Bin Hamad Al-Aqeel, Secretary General of GOIC.

In his introduction, titled ‘GOIC’s strategy: the achievements of the first half of the five-year plan’, Al-Aqeel reviewed the achievements of GOIC’s five-year strategy, and pointed to its pursuit ‘in the past period to activate the core values which help to achieve the vision and mission of GOIC and its objectives, including: excellence, efficiency, transparency, professional integrity, speed and efficiency of accomplishments, and customer satisfaction’.

He added, “Our concern in GOIC is to develop a clear vision to meet the needs of Member States in the field of industrial development, as well as compatibility with the private sector, with an increasing trend in our business towards this promising sector, which plays a key role in development. From this perspective, GOIC’s action plan for 2013 focused on the support of the activities of industrial sectors targeted in the future for the Member States, in addition to investment of industrial opportunities, introduction of information and updated reports in the field of industry and industrial economy, and annual assessment of the readiness of the GCC countries to shift to the knowledge-based industries. All this is accomplished for the sake of promoting the industrial sector, and emphasizing its importance in the development of the economy in the Arab Gulf States.”

The issue contained a file on “the evolution of the structure of the Gulf manufacturing industries and the petrochemical and chemical products in the lead,” prepared by Mr. Saleh Taha, Acting Director of the Department of Industrial Information in GOIC. He pointed out that the industrial base in the GCC countries has significantly expanded over the past five years, where capital investment has increased from about $181bn in 2009 to about $369bn in 2013, with a cumulative growth rate of 19.5% for the five years. In parallel, the number of operating factories jumped from 13002 factories in 2009 to 15689 plants in 2013, with an average cumulative growth of 4.8%, for the five years. The number of workers increased from about 1,031,825 workers in 2009 to about 1,379,257 workers in 2013, with a cumulative growth rate of 7.5%.

Under the title “How can GOIC support the improvement of energy efficiency and reduction of wastes in the GCC countries,” engineer Ismail Al-Shafie, Business Development Consultant in GOIC, wrote an article in the English section, in which he addressed the organization’s programs and activities in order to reduce the excessive consumption of energy in factories and the future projects carried out in this area.

In her article titled “Gulf states’ unlimited ambitions”, Editor Abir Adel Jaber referred to the construction boom witnessed by the GCC countries, “especially with the preparations for the World Cup 2022 in Qatar, and the Expo 2020 to be hosted by the United Arab Emirates, as well as the World Mall in Dubai, which is the largest shopping center of its kind in the world, in addition to the International Metro Project in Kuwait City and others”. Expectations refer that achievements in the construction sector will grow up to 35% in 2015. A report of the Federation of Chambers of the GCC States reveals that the volume of construction projects in the region will reach to about $800bn during the next five years. Jaber appraised GOIC’s role in promoting the industrial sector, and in particular the industry of building materials, in order to establish and serve its goals. During the last period, it has focused on the investment opportunities for expansion and development in this sector, to achieve urban renaissance and economic development pursued by countries in the region.

On the “national efforts to develop scientific research, progress and technological innovation in Saudi Arabia,” Engineer Awad Salim Al Harbi monitored the “environment of scientific research, efforts, strategies, achievements, analysis and assessment,” adding: “Saudi Arabia “has sought and continues to seek and acquire scientific and technological progress across many qualitative and quantitative efforts distinctive in the field of science and technology, especially since the last two decades.”

Dr. Nawzad Al-Hiti presented an analytical reading about “Innovation in the GCC countries.” Mr. Bashir Kahlout wrote about “the necessities of transition to knowledge-based industries”. Engineer Ali Abdullah Behzad wrote an essay on “the contributions of the private sector in the economy of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC): diversity or slowing down?”, and writer Said Khalil al-Absi on “a balance between industrial development and the preservation of the environment.”

The new issue contains other economic and industrial articles. It also includes a report about workshops and specialized training courses under GOIC’s Training and Capacity Development (TCD) Program in the last period, in addition to reviewing the most prominent courses coming in the third quarter of 2014, which aims to develop the capacity of workers in the industrial sector in the GCC countries and Yemen, and to enrich the knowledge of the human element and raise the levels of performance in this vital and influential sector in the economy of the region and the world.

The issue also reviews a summary of an industrial investment opportunity titled “Project of manufacturing PEX pipes”, in addition to the other sections such as GOIC news, upcoming industrial events, industry news and other topics.

The Industrial Cooperation in the Arabian Gulf Magazine is a quarterly periodical issued by the Gulf Organization for Industrial Consulting (GOIC). It features articles about GCC industrial and economic trends and new technologies. The magazine also tackles different economic topics including brief and in-depth analyses concerning the current economic and industrial situation. Furthermore, it includes reports about the industrial sector in the Gulf and challenges to new industries in particular. In addition to that, it features summaries about relevant industrial, economic and financial topics and articles regarding the current industrial environment, industrial statistics with forecasts, industrial data and information technologies and industrial management.

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