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Government efforts in raising awareness on obesity dangers contributes in slashing condition incidence

May 29, 2014 8:49 am

Obesity is one of the most common diseases in the United Arab Emirates, where the ratio of incidence is nearly about40% of the country’s population, most of them teenagers and adults.

A scientific research carried out by a group of doctors and specialists at the French University of Marseilles, pointed that bad dietary habits, such as eating junk food, lack of movement and lack of doing exercises, are the main reasons for the spread of the disease in the Gulf states and the United Arab Emirates.

The research, which was unveiled at a press conference in Dubai, has revealed that the UAE ‘s successful anti-obesity drive and efforts exerted by various government agencies in raising awareness on the risks of obesity was a major factor in slashing incidence ratio by more than 20 percent in the past three years.

The conference was attended by President of Chris German scientific research and project director of (Eurodat Life),Dr. May Graner, Prof. Christoph Biraud from Inserm – French National Institute of Health and Medical Research at the University of Marseille, the head of the project’s genetic section and director of the Competitive Economy Academy and economic adviser to the French government professor Alan Jolie.

In this context, Dr. Mei Garner, said, “Stemming from their recognition of risks obesity poses, the governmental bodies in the United Arab Emirates have exerted massive efforts to reduce the prevalence of obesity among teenagers and adults, through the implementation of health programs that include lectures, educational seminars and physical training to raise awareness on this disease .These efforts have been met with acclaim and positive feedback and received a positive reaction.” Garner, added, “In the context of our support for these efforts, we are seeking through the (Eurodat Life) initiative to provide scientific and medical training that enhances government agencies’ efforts in reducing the prevalence of obesity, through publishing scientific books and reports,evaluating research in the medical fields, researching ,developing and conducting studies and collecting data in the medical field needed to build databases that will speed up access to a wider segment of people who suffer from the disease, and following the development of their health and physical status periodically and accurately.”

The (Eurodat Life) Initiative, the first of its kind in the world, aims at providing scientific and medical training, publishing scientific and medical books and reports, conducting seminars, conferences, electronic publishing of books, reports and journals on the Internet, evaluating the research in the scientific and medical fields, collectingdata in the medical field, and building health databases that will contribute in the development of medical services.