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Greenfield Community School hosts ‘Deepening our Practice’ Physica Education Workshop

April 13, 2014 11:11 am

Greenfield Community School (GCS) hosted a Primary Years Programme (PYP) Physical Education (PE) Workshop with the theme ‘Deepening your Practice’. This was a 2 day personal inquiry based workshop featuring different PE Trans disciplinary Skills focused on the IB Learner Profile perspective.

Andy Vasily has been a very passionate PE teacher for the past 12 years. Travelling to different countries observing different cultures working hard in identifying what good teaching is all about. He has come up with the L.I.F.E model; the 4 cornerstones of success in teaching: Learn to embrace mistakes, I am responsible for my learning/goals/responses to others, Find out what inspires and motivates you and surround yourself with it, Educating ourselves requires an understanding that we need to know more.

“My main goal of the Workshop is to share what I do and share successful strategies that have worked for me in my teachings and assessments over the years. All teachers are unique, they all come from unique situations, so the idea is to take the concepts that resonate with them and bring them back to their personal programme in order to develop new strategies that will improve their instructional practice,” said Andy Vasily.

The GCS Approach to Learning (ATL) also promotes a very holistic education, emphasizing on intellectual, personal, emotional and responsible social growth through all areas of knowledge. “We believe that these life skills are highly valued. We work hard to partner with different individuals and organizations to promote this authentic, looking at real life issues and learning from that, approach. Physical Education has a very important role in shaping an individual’s mental and physical health and plays a major role in demonstrating what is core to the IB learning experience,” said Angela Hollington Principal at Greenfield Community School.

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