Hamad Medical Corporation hosts visiting international expert in dietetics

June 21, 2014 4:36 pm

The Corporate Dietetics and Nutrition Department at Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC) has recently hosted Dr. Esther Myers, a Consultant Dietitian and member and fellow of the US Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, as part of a dietitian performance improvement program which started two years ago.

The aim of the performance improvement program was to advance the skills of Qatari dietetics to become leaders in the Gulf region through the fully implemented Gulf Co-operation Council (GCC) Nutrition Care Process.

With the increasing prevalence of diet-related diseases, the department is seeking to upgrade dietitians’ skills through training programs on dietetics and nutrition aimed at curbing the spread of the disease by providing the best quality and most efficient care to patients.

Dr. Myers’ visit was also in line with the Corporate Dietetics and Nutrition Department’s vision of leading the clinical nutrition efforts in Qatar by introducing dietitians around the country to the most advanced evidence-based practices and guidelines in clinical nutrition and dietetics.

During the visit, Dr. Myers, accompanied by HMC dietitians, toured all eight HMC hospitals. At each hospital, dietitians discussed their nutrition care process and explored ways to advance the care in their unique hospital setting.

Furthermore, Dr. Myers conducted two workshops on improving dietitians’ ability to diagnose complex nutrition problems and how to use current on-line tools to select the best nutrition intervention such as the evidence analysis library and the evidence-based nutrition practice guidelines. Both workshops were attended by dietitians from HMC, Qatar Foundation, Qatar University, Qatar Diabetes Association and Sidra Medical & Research Center.

Ms. Reem Al-Saadi, Assistant Director of Corporate Dietetics and Nutrition, said, “The exercise has set the stage for the next phase of quality improvement initiatives to further move Qatar dietetics at HMC into becoming a center of excellence.”

“Diabetes is a disease that is very prevalent in Qatar. It can affect almost all organs within the body. This underlines the importance of the awareness campaigns we arrange regularly in order to reduce the impact of the disease and improve the health and wellbeing of diabetic patients,” she said.