Hatta Hospital organises seminar on paediatric emergencies

April 1, 2014 12:21 pm

Hatta Hospital recently organised a seminar on paediatric emergencies. The seminar was held in cooperation with a number of experts from Latifa, Dubai and Hatta Hospital. The symposium discussed latest treatment methods in paediatric emergencies as well as advances in treatment methods and diagnostics. The topics discussed included emergency surgical cases, neurological cases and neonatology.

The symposium also disseminated vital information for mothers on how to deal with paediatric emergencies.

Dr Saif Abdulla Alwali Albadawawi, CEO of Hatta Hospital, said, “The aim of the seminar is to discuss latest treatment methods as well as disseminate vital information for mothers so that they can be educated on what constitutes a paediatric emergency.”

Dr Abdelaziz Al Zarooni, Medical Director of Hatta Hospital, said, “On a monthly basis, the hospital received over 300 outpatient paediatric cases, of these most of the children visit the hospital due to asthma attacks, diarrhoea and allergies.”

In terms of paediatric emergencies, doctors advocated that mothers of new-borns, should keep a watch on their baby’s skin colour to ensure they do not have jaundice, which if treated late can lead to brain damage.

Dr Rikaz Bizzari,Paediatric –In-Charge, Hatta Hospital, said, “Mothers should take the child to the emergency department if the child vomits vile, experiences sudden abdominal bloating, if child experiences scrotal pain especially around the age of puberty or if the child suffers from epilepsy and seizures. In cases when the children experiences a seizure, the mother should remove tight clothing or loosen clothing around the neck, make the child lie down on one side. This helps maintain an open airway and prevent the child from inhaling any secretions.”

Paediatricians also advocated that mothers experiencing a difficult pregnancy should ensure the hospital that they choose for delivery is fully equipped and that ideally mothers should select a hospital with neonatal facilities.