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HEMPEL hosts consultancy seminar

May 14, 2014 11:23 am

HEMPEL Paints, a global leader in paint manufacturing, toured various cities in the Kingdom to present a series of Consultancy Seminars for interior designers, engineers, decorators and contractors, to launch HEMPEL’s latest environmental initiative and introduce the latest color trends for 2014.

Mohamad Baitie, Regional Brand Manager at HEMPEL, Middle East said, “The idea of sustainable business is simply no longer a theory, it is a practical way of doing business. For this purpose, we have decided to launch products that contribute to creating eco-friendly sustainable paints which can be used for construction, decoration and other purposes.”

Eng. Khaled Al Sayed, Product Manager at HEMPEL Paints, first provided attendees with a presentation on HEMPEL’s PureEarth products, their latest environmental initiative which takes on the disposal of production waste while using the best safety techniques.

Traditional painting materials and processes can have harmful effects on the environment, including those from the use of lead and other additives. HEMPEL has taken measures to reduce environmental impact with their eco-friendly paints which emit little or no environmentally unsafe materials into the air. Products such as Topaz Zero and Hempel CONTEX, which resists growth of molds, fungi and bacteria were presented as examples of specifically engineered products which create hygienic environments and counter the GCC’s extreme climate conditions.

Interior Architect Mohamad Baitie also showcased a dazzling presentation entitled “Color Overview for Spring and Summer 2014” which helped the audience identify key color groups: pastels, deep tones, and green tones, the global color drivers trending for the season. The pastels, which are soft and sophisticated, offer an innovative set of base tones to start building palettes. The luxurious and dramatic deep tones are important for representing a feeling of intensity. From lime to turquoise, the green tones are challenging preconceptions of a traditional eco colours that uplift one’s outlook with their vibrancy. The presentation provided a story for each and every color spectrum.

It should be noted that HEMPEL continues to promote its ‘green’ philosophy as demonstrated in the recent launch of its Jeddah factory, the largest, 100% water-based decorative paints factory in the Middle East.

HEMPEL is also committed to the Saudi community and well on its way to becoming the 2014 color trend inspiration to fashion bloggers and other influencers in the region.