Heriot Watt students visits DM Waste Management Department

April 2, 2014 11:07 am

Students from Heriot Watt University’s Dubai Campus including the Program Director of Msc Logistics and Supply Chain Management visited Waste Management Department to gain firsthand knowledge on how the Department runs its waste management logistics.

The day started with the staff of the Technical Support and Studies Section giving a presentation of the Fleet Management Unit, the main logistic workforce of the Department. The presentation detailed out the current strength of the Unit, the large number of staff that runs both the management and operational part of the unit, the large fleet that caters to all the waste management requirements of the city. It was also explained that the Department is currently evaluating the current operations and improvements will be in place soon.

Eng. Abdulmajeed Saifaie, Director of Waste Management Department, said, “We have allocated some parts of our budget in improving and modernizing our fleet. We want to be more cost and resource efficient. In this way we can provide more services to the people of Dubai.”

“We are currently evaluating bids for the project, we will make sure that we will choose the best technologies and we will work hard to make the system go live soon,” Saifaie said.

The discussion between the students and the DM team were not limited to logistics, questions were also asked about the future strategies Dubai has in relation to Waste Management. The officials responded that the Municipality has recently completed its 20 Year Strategic Master Plan that will address all the waste management’s requirement sustainably. Within this time period new laws, systems and infrastructure will be put in place. The master plan is designed to make Dubai one of the leaders in Municipal Solid Waste Management.

After the presentation, the visitors were brought to the DM Transportation Department Depot where the Fleet Management Unit Office is located. They were given a tour of the facility and were shown the different equipments and vehicles of Waste Management Department.

“We are always keen and supportive to any institutions, whether its schools or any another department or office who wants to gain knowledge from our work experience. It is by sharing information that we learn more, learning more means we can achieve more,” said Ali Al Hammadi, Head of Technical Support & Studies Section.