HMC Celebrates GCC Nursing Day

March 20, 2014 1:13 pm

Members of Hamad Medical Corporation’s (HMC) nursing community gathered last Thursday across its network of hospitals and clinics in order to celebrate GCC Nursing Day. Intended to promote the nursing profession as an honorable career and to pay tribute to nursing pioneer Rufaida Al Aslamiya, this is the fifth year HMC has celebrated the occasion.

“Each day HMC’s nurses perform specialized roles and provide our patients with the safest, most effective and compassionate care,” said Professor Ann-Marie Cannaby, HMC’s Executive Director of Corporate Nursing. “GCC Nursing Day provides us with an opportunity to recognize our nurses and the important contributions they make to delivering excellent care and improving the health outcomes of our patients.”

Dr. Badriya Al Lenjawi, Chair of the organizing committee for the GCC Nursing Day events, who also leads the professional development of HMC’s nursing workforce, expressed her gratitude towards the nurses who organized hospital-level celebrations. Stating that GCC Nursing Day provides HMC with an opportunity to inspire its nurses in the values of dedicated service, professionalism and appreciation of unseen acts of caring, Dr. Al Lenjawi also spoke about the positive changes being implemented across HMC’s Nursing Service through the Leadership for Change Program.

“We introduced the Leadership for Change Program for our Qatari Nurses in order to equip them with the skills and knowledge required to become the leaders of healthcare transformation in Qatar,” said Dr. Al Lenjawi.

“Through this program, many of our nurses have developed projects aimed at improving HMC’s nursing service and the patient experience. I am proud to say that a number of these projects are being implemented across HMC.”

Qatar is the sixth country in the region to implement the Leadership for Change Program, which was launched last year as a partnership between the World Health Organization, the International Council of Nurses, the Supreme Council of Health, HMC and the Primary Health Care Corporation. Fourteen Qatari Nurses from HMC are enrolled in the Program.

Khalid Al-Qahtani, Assistant Chief Executive Officer of HMC’s Home Healthcare Services (HHCS) and Residential Compound spoke during an event held for HHCS’s nurses, stating that the day provides an opportunity to both celebrate the role of nurses and to create awareness of HMC’s Home Healthcare Services.

“We are holding this event to commemorate the GCC Nursing Day as well as to demonstrate the type of support that we are providing for our patients in the comfort of their homes. Our staff are playing an essential and integral role in the delivery of quality care by providing the services at home and educating family members on caring for the patient,” said Mr. Al-Qahtani.

HMC’s HHCS provides holistic and specialized support to patients who have been discharged from the hospital but require follow-up care and rehabilitation. HMC’s HHCS currently provides care for about 900 patients, spread across Qatar.

With over 7,000 nurses working across hospitals, clinics and the homecare service, and functioning in roles that range from frontline positions in the Emergency Department to senior administrative and policy positions, nurses are the most visible and trusted members of the HMC patient care team. They support their patients through some of the most significant moments in their lives, including birth, death, diagnosis, treatment and recovery and are increasingly taking on specialized roles to provide the most effective patient care that reflects international best practice.

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