Hsoub launches Asnad the first Arabic platform for selling digital goods

February 24, 2014 10:42 am

Hsoub, developer of innovative web platforms for the MENA region, has announced the launch of its newest service called “Asnad”, a platform that will enable Arab users to buy and sell digital downloadable goods. Hsoub, the company behind some of the very popular online services in the Arab world like Khamsat and Hsoub Ads, said that Asnad would enable users to trade a wide array of digital goods they have created. Among others, users can sell e-books, computer and mobile applications, web scripts, games, audio and video clips, designs or digital art, or any other type of content that can be distributed via the internet.

Asnad is expected to contribute a lot to many Arab authors, artists, designers, programmers, and professionals in other fields, who will be able to offer their products for sale via Asnad’s platform, and sell them quickly and easily to customers in every place in the world. Studies show that selling digital (downloadable) products via the internet is more effective and profitable than the conventional way, in that delivery via the internet is much faster and less costly than postal / carrier services. This allows sellers to offer their products for reduced and more attractive prices.

Furthermore, digital products traded online can be sent to any place in the world where internet access is available, compared to shipping via air or sea which is often limited by high costs or limited geographical reach. A digital product bought from an online source, like an e-book, video/audio clip, or web template, can be downloaded directly to the computer and is readily usable, whereas if the product is received via postal services, users will have to wait days and sometimes weeks until it is delivered to their postal box, and then will have to load it from a CD or a DVD to their computers, to be able to use it.

Omar Kharsa, Chief Operating Officer at Hsoub, the company behind Asnad, said that Asnad was created to cater to the Arab users’ needs and expectations, and it allows creative individuals and entrepreneurs to engage in online trading safely and easily. The platform will also enable specialized users to utilize Asnad’s API to develop their own products and integrate Asnad’s secure trading system into their applications or websites. Omar added that Asnad will support all common electronic Arab and international payment methods, and it offers versatile information and tools that help sellers promote their products via social networks, and get more sales and profits.

Finally, it is noted that Hsoub the Arab company dedicated to developing the Arab web, has bought Asnad in 2013 from the Moroccan entrepreneur Muhammad Alsahli. Hsoub then brought the site down, and embarked on a major development and re-design of the site, with focus on modern design, usability and security, until the launch of the new website in February 20, 2014.