ICT Fund participates in UAE Ministry of Education’s annual “Loyalty Day” event and receives honor for its efforts in supporting education sector in UAE

April 2, 2014 12:14 pm

The ICT Fund, an initiative by the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA), recently participated in the UAE Ministry of Education’s annual “Loyalty Day” event, which is held to honor the distinguished partners known for their support of national education, including the ICT Fund, which played a major role in providing financial support for His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Smart Learning initiative in collaboration with the Ministry, in order to enhance education and contribute to achieving global competitiveness which will provide an advanced educational environment adopting the latest educational methods and modern approaches that depend mainly on nowadays technology. The ICT fund’s attendance as an honored partner is very essential as it represents a key milestone and a testament on its vital role in applying the advanced government strategy in this area and thus attaining the UAE Vision 2021.

Honoring the ICT Fund by the Ministry of Education came in recognition of its team’s strenuous efforts in supporting the smart learning program. Since the beginning, the ICT Fund put all its the potential to improve the outputs of education in the United Arab Emirates in order to keep pace with global developments taking place in this field. It supported establishing smart classrooms equipped with the latest interactive learning tools and computers and technology. Furthermore, the Fund has provided over the past two years since the launch of the program in April 2012, an initial funding of AED 53 million to support the early stages of the program implementation. Then it provided a new funding of AED 98 million to cover the requirements of technical development in 123 schools across the United Arab Emirates.

Moreover, the ICT Fund has also contributed in enhancing the stature and role of national education sector in the UAE through its initiative “Betha” which invested in it more than AED 100 million during 2013, in order to attract and support national cadres through scholarships in the scientific majors related to ICT sector and thus helped in graduating two batches of scientifically distinguished Emirati students resulting in the graduation of 48 students in the UAE and 100 Emirati engineer outside the country specializing in ICT related studies. Since the start of the program, the ICT Fund has provided about 552 seats for scholarships.

“We appreciate our invitation from the Ministry of Education to honor the ICT Fund along with a group of other prominent organizations and companies who are active in the field of education. This emphasizes the true partnership we have with the ministry as we share one goal which is to promote the educational capabilities in the UAE community through accommodating to its needs and competencies and ensuring the adoption of latest international modern technologies. The ICT Fund is always keen through its funding in collaboration with the ministry, to change the traditional style of education mechanisms and establish an enhanced educational system that deals with each student according to his or her skills and capabilities. We believe that the UAE deserve to compete globally in the field of education in line with the advanced technological progress governing each sector in most countries and communities around the world,” commented H.E. Dr. Abdulqader Al Khayat, Chairman of the ICT Fund Board of Trustees.