Interior designers in Middle East gain access to specialized knowledge

May 21, 2014 12:00 pm

The Association of Professional Interior Designers (APID) and the National Design Academy (NDA) have announced a new partnership aimed at training and supporting prospective and established professionals in the interior design industry.

This new partnership was signed by Mrs Farida Kamber Al Awahdi, President of APID and Mrs Helen Keighley, Director of Quality & Business for the NDA at the INDEX exhibition in Dubai

INDEX, the principal business platform for the design & interiors industry for 23 years, provides an ideal podium to emphasize the importance of qualified and skilled professionals in this sector. The partnership intends to develop the professionalism and enhance the reputation of this industry through education and continuous professional development.

APID has chosen to partner with the NDA given the high quality of their UK accredited educational program and the flexible enrolment of their online courses which will be well suited to the busy and extremely mobile professionals in this region. The NDA offers the only online Masters program which will appeal to well educated designers who wish to further their learning and research.

Mrs Kamber Al Awadhi noted, “This partnership would enhance knowledge among people interested in Interior Design, helping to increase the talent pool within the U.A.E. NDA’s flexible courses are not only available at a reduced rate to APID members looking to continue their professional development, but would also allow design enthusiasts to gain an education from the comfort of their home.”

The National Design Academy plans to organise a variety of different activities in conjunction with APID throughout the Gulf region within the coming year. These events will help to support the designers in this region to become global leaders in the development and reputation of the interior design market. APID has recently launched a new Seminar Series providing interior designers with regular workshops on innovative materials and new techniques to enhance their product knowledge to which the NDA will also contribute.

Projects such as the 2020 World Expo in Dubai and the World Cup 2022 in Qatar are requiring a massive expansion in infrastructure and construction. There is a steadily growing pipeline of projects throughout the GGC region in hospitality, commercial, residential, retail, educational and the healthcare sectors, all of which require competent and experienced interior designers. Construction projects are set to grow this year by over $13bn from 2013 according to the Ventures Middle East GCC Building Construction & Interiors Overview of this February. The NDA & APID are poised to support the industry by skilling up designers & encouraging prospective students to train and qualify as interior designers to help meet these high demands.

For further information, contact:
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Marketing & Communications Manager
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Quality and Business Director
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