International Give and Given Day acknowledged with launch of job shadow program for cancer survivors

May 15, 2014 10:01 am

On May 15th (International Give and Given Day), 9 cancer survivors will head to SamTech Middle East, a leading technology company in Dubai Internet City for a special job shadow program that has been conceptualized by Pure Hearts 4 Cancer.

The objective of this event will be engaging the survivors in a professional work environment. From SamTech CEO to various departments in the company including Sales, HR, Finance Marketing and Customer Support, the participants will get the unique opportunity to watch professionals in action. And that’s not all! After this introduction, they will participate in a 3-months internship program.

“Pure Heart is leading this inspirational cause to greater levels; When my team proposed the idea of Job Shadowing the cancer survivals to SamTech I approved the program immediately, meeting such influential leaders would be an honor, and working with them will definitely inspire me and the team to appreciate what we have and value second chances in life. SamTech team are so excited for this program, the exceptional Cancer Survivals will be offered 3-months internship program in SamTech”. Said Mr. Samir I. Abdul Hadi, President & CEO of SamTech Middle East

“This unique internship program has been designed to provide survivors with a preview of exciting career opportunities in an exciting technology services company. We have made every effort to match assignments with each individual’s interests, while giving exposure to the overall business, providing a valuable learning experience,” said Rania Amer, founder of Pure Heart. “We also hope that other companies will get involved in this initiative and support and strengthen our cause,” she added.

Established in September 2011 when a team of volunteers gathered to take a step forward in looking deeper into cancer patients’ lives, the Pure Heart program was developed in collaboration with hospitals and local companies and using extensive research relating to cancer survivors. The aim of the program is to provide both companies and cancer survivors an interactive platform to connect so that the latter can once again become active members of society. In addition to this, companies are given the opportunity to engage in an effective and CSR initiative that truly gives tangible results.

The Pure Hearts 4 Cancer website ( was also recently launched and is designed to connect companies with cancer survivors who are keen to rejoin the workplace. Interested companies can register on the website, post vacancies and view candidates resumes. Candidates can in return upload their resumes and apply directly for vacant positions.

Pure Heart job fairs were also held in February 2012 and October 2012 and resulted in 20% of the visitors being employed.