International mathematics minds meet at AUD

April 24, 2014 10:50 am

The twelfth UAE Math Day, hosted and organized by the School of Arts and Science at the American University in Dubai recently, is an annual meeting that brings together mathematicians from the UAE and surrounding areas to a forum in which they can exchange research and teaching ideas in different branches of mathematics. This year’s edition of the conference gathered over 45 speakers in as many sessions grouped by areas of interest.

Prof. Gerda de Vries from theUniversity of Alberta, Canada, Professor and Associate Chair in the Department of Mathematical and Statistical Sciences, and Prof. Ayman Badawi, a Professor at the Department of Mathematical and Statistical Sciences at the American University of Sharjah were the two keynote speakers in attendance.

The event, sponsored by Pearson Education, Cengage Learning and Wiley, brought together math professors, teachers and graduate students giving them the opportunity to share research findings in mathematics and mathematics education and to discuss current problems and potential solutions in both fields.

Dr. Haitham S. Solh, Associate Professor of Mathematics at AUD and member of the organizing committee, expressed, “the conference was a platform that created multiple opportunities for collaboration between AUD and the various universities represented. It also provided attendees with a chance to stay up-to-date with recent developments in mathematics research and education. This falls in line with our interest in promoting and encouraging relevant research that contributes to the improvement of the quality of education at AUD.”

The School of Arts and Sciences at AUD exemplifies the tradition that a college education liberates the mind. The School values the pursuit of knowledge for its own sake and believes that all college graduates are capable of studying a broad spectrum of subjects and of following a rational process to draw conclusions and inferences. The mission of the School of Arts and Sciences is to foster a culture of independent thought and a tradition of academic programs, curricula and external learning opportunities, featuring an interdisciplinary perspective of knowledge and emphasizing collegial interactions between faculty and students.