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Inviting the best: Academic Scholarships at IMT Dubai

May 22, 2014 10:53 am

The Institute of Management Technology Dubai, a premier business school established in 2006 in Dubai International Academic City recently announced the launch of a Scholarship campaign targeting high achievers from schools across the nation and the region. Scholarships at IMT Dubai range from 30% to 50%, with 100% scholarships for those achieving an academic average of 95% and higher. The schemes are available on IMT Dubai’s website for students’ self-evaluation of their scholarship entitlement. This announcement comes short of the release of the CBSE XII, American curriculum and local curriculum results due to be published within the coming weeks.

“At IMT Dubai, our admission requirements match those of many other universities – however, our focus is on attracting students that are high achievers and will excel in their studies” commented Raed Omar, Head of Admissions at IMT Dubai. “Scholarships are awarded to students who have achieved an academic average of 70% or higher in their Grade 12 high school and is applicable for our undergraduate programs”.

IMT Dubai also offers current students incentives for performing well each semester – as students that maintain a high GPA are eligible for scholarships for the subsequent semester. Class sizes at undergraduate level are kept to 20 students maximum, which ensures quality of the learning experience for all students.

“While many universities focus on recruitment numbers, IMT Dubai focuses on the quality of our applicants as a priority” commented Dr. Cedwyn Fernandes, CEO at IMT Dubai. “IMT Dubai’s success can be measured by the high demand from employers to recruit our students – particular for our MBA program where we have seen over 90% of our graduates gaining full-time employment soon after graduation through the guidance of our Office of Career Services.”