Jordan Ahli Bank sponsors Little League Football Tournament Organized by Rosary College School

June 21, 2014 1:48 pm

As part of its commitment to supporting physical education and fitness awareness within the Kingdom’s schools, Jordan Ahli Bank announced its sponsorship of the recently launched Little League football tournament organized by the Rosary College School in Marj Al-Hamam for students aged 7 to 9 years.

This initiative came as part of Jordan Ahli Bank’s long-standing support of the youth segment, particularly in the two critical arenas of sports and education. The bank’s management explained that such endeavors contribute toward establishing a culture of fitness awareness amongst students, revealing their inert talents and abilities and effectively contributing to their overall physical and emotional growth.

The tournament met remarkable success and concluded with the distribution of various rewards and gifts to the players of the Ahli team, which had participated in the tournament amongst a variety of other teams.

It is worth noting that Jordan Ahli Bank has a longstanding track record of supporting various initiatives geared toward sustainable development within the Kingdom, particularly in the fields of sports and education.