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Just Falafel opens first US restaurant

June 5, 2014 3:29 pm

Just Falafel, the number one falafel franchisee in the world opens their first of many US franchises in San Francisco, California. As the first of 168 franchises to come in North America and Canada, Just Falafel reaches a major milestone in its international expansion with the new restaurant located in Fremont, close to the thriving Silicon Valley in the San Francisco Bay Area. Just Falafel is bringing its version of traditional and healthy Mediterranean dining to America.

Just Falafel is building on its highly successful menu, which has the historic falafel at its heart, whilst also offering a more Mediterranean twist to its cuisine. The new menu remains true to the core values of the brand’s “Authentic, Inspired Eating” with the highest quality ingredients that are where possible organic, locally sourced and non-GMO to provide a healthy meal for families and friends to enjoy together.

In honor of its new store location on the west coast of America, our culinary chef Gerard Murphy has created “The Californian” taking inspiration from his surroundings to mix traditional falafels or tenders, with fresh beets, cucumber, tomato, mixed salad, beetroot labneh, and a spicy salsa. The restaurant is also launching a protein burger and sweet potato waffle fries as a new addition to its globally recognized menu, as well as launching the breakfast egg muffin, accompanied with freshly squeezed juices.

Catering to the health and nutritionally conscious Californian, Just Falafel is also offering a gluten free option by serving its traditional wraps in a bowl and launching the protein tenders, which are currently a surfing on a wave of popularity in modern eateries.

New store owner Kevin Shoaito is proud to bring the first Just Falafel restaurant in North America to the community in Fremont, California. “We look forward to our restaurant being known as the destination for fresh, health, and natural street food filled with Mediterranean flavors and featuring our amazing falafels. We are sure it will be a hit with people from all walks of life and we welcome you to our new store,” said Kevin Shoaito.

Just Falafel’s dynamic growth continues as its healthy food revolution will see it opening branches in Canada in June 2014 and New Jersey in August 2014. Fadi Malas, Just Falafel’s CEO, com-mented on the company’s future endeavors, “Our love and passion for Mediterranean and vegeta-rian food is growing and we expect this cuisine to prosper in highly competitive markets such as the US. We have sold nearly 19 million pieces of falafel since the Just Falafel brand started and with chickpeas being the main ingredients we expect falafel, like hummus to become a household fa-vorite when looking for healthy food.”

The company has signed new area franchise agreements with different partners in key locations including New York, New Jersey, Kentucky, Texas and Los Angeles. This global expansion means the company has close to 700 employees in nearly 20 countries, with a social media following of nearly 2 million.