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Kalimat to participate in Sharjah Children’s Reading Festival with six new releases

April 12, 2014 4:45 pm

Kalimat, the Sharjah-based award-winning publisher of Arabic children’s books and an imprint of Kalimat Group, will release six new titles during its participation in the 6th Sharjah Children’s Reading Festival, which will be held from the 15th to the 25th of April at Expo Centre Sharjah.

Kalimat will also be hosting a diverse line-up of exciting events and activities for children at its stand, including story reading sessions and book signings, among others.

The reading sessions will cover four titles released by Kalimat starting from Wednesday, April 16th, with a reading from the story ‘Malfoufat Jaddati’ (My Grandmother’s Cabbage) by the writer Sahar Naja Mahfouz, while the author Noura Abbas Al Khoori will read her book ‘Fanteer Al Flamingo Al Manfoosh’ (Fanteer the Fluffy Flamingo) on Thursday, 17th April.

On Sunday, April 20th, Rai Abdulal will read her new story “Al Dirham Al Nathif” ‘The Clean Dirham’ and the reading session will conclude on Wednesday, 23rd April, with a reading from the book “Jawaribou Oumi Al Ajiba”‘My Mom’s Amazing Socks’ by the Emirati author Maitha Al Khayat. Each reading session will be followed by a book signing session of the story that was read to the children by the author.

Speaking on the occasion, Tamer Said, Business Development Manager at Kalimat Group, commented, “The Sharjah Children’s Reading Festival offers us an ideal platform to connect with our little readers and introduce them to our new publications. The festival also gives us a precious opportunity to meet children’s parents, teachers, and educators and listen to their opinions about our publications and the topics covered in children’s stories by our authors.”

“We are dedicated to producing high quality books, unique in their texts, illustrations, design, and direction, so as to meet children’s aspirations and their passion for knowledge and to know better the environment surrounding them. This approach is in line with our drive to foster a love of reading in Arabic among Emirati and Arab children.”

“We have been very keen to speak with children of various age groups through the six new titles to be released during the festival, as some of these books are for children aged below three years, while others for children aged 6 years and above, and the other titles for young people,” Said noted.

He emphasised that the new books would also help children and young people deal with some social conditions and problems that they may face.

The list of the new releases includes the book “Ra’asan Ala Aqueb” “Upside Down” authored by Rola Chami Al Hoss and Rania Salim Al Hage, and illustrated by Khaled Sadaka. The book tells the story of Dalia, a little girl, and the unique relationship with her family whose members exchange roles. Dalia’s mother loves fishing while her father is master at cleaning their house, her grandmother loves riding a motorcycle, and her aunt is an expert in repairing cars. The story examines unique inter-family relationships, with everyone working together in harmony and with love.

The second book titled “Rassa’el Salma “‘Salma’s Letters’ authored by Sanaa Shabbani, and illustrated by Blanca B.K, narrates the tale of Salma’s mysterious letters, where she found a letter tied to a pigeon’s leg but her grandfather does not allow her to read it. Salma also found an email message from her mother, and a third letter from Mars on the kitchen table. These letters made Salma feel worried as she does not know that her separated parents were preparing a pleasant surprise for her.

The third book title “Al Panda Al Saghir ” ‘The Little Panda’ written by Abir Ballan, and illustrated by Christelle Hallal, examines the relationship between the little Panda who was trying to be independent from his mother who teaches him to eat bamboo and warns him against fire and climbing tall trees. But the curious and adventurous Panda, who loves to try everything by himself, falls in the hands of an evil Hunter. He learns a lesson from this tough experience and learns to listen to his mother’s advice and life experience.

Al Dirham Al Nathif ‘The Clean Dirham’, authored by Rai Abdulal and illustrated by Sophie Burrows, tells the story of a Dirham that lands in Laila’s money but it wishes to return to freedom where it can be exchanged from hand to hand instead of being detained in the collection box, provided that it remains clean. The Dirham rejoices when it becomes the reason behind others’ happiness when Laila makes the its wish come true.

In the book ‘My New Life’, written by Rania Zbib Daher and illustrated by Rocio Alejandro, the story’s hero is surprised by her parents ‘ decision to move to a new country, after her father got a new job. At the beginning, the little girl does not accept the idea of moving and feels very sad, but a new neighbour helps her overcome this time. She then discovers that change is a positive thing and adds a lot of rich experiences.

‘Hikayat Al Feel’ The Elephant Story’ written by Lauren St. John, and translated by Jalal Al Khalil , is a book for young people that talks about a strange evil creature, which threatens a girl and her white giraffe living in the Sabona protected animal area. The girl decides to do every possible thing to protect her giraffe. To do so, the girl and her dearest friend put their lives at risk by traveling to the deserts of Namibia where they discovered a malicious plot threatening the existence of every human being and animal on that spot of Earth.

Kalimat is the first publishing house in the UAE dedicated solely to publishing and distributing high quality Arabic books for children aged up to 16 years.

With over 140 publications to its credit since inception six years ago, Kalimat focuses on producing books that the children of the UAE and the region can relate to, with vibrant illustrations and stories that talk about the value of family, relationships, simplicity, and happiness.

With a portfolio of internationally acclaimed and award-winning authors and illustrators, Kalimat’s extensive range of books highlights traditional Arabic culture alongside the modern challenges faced by today’s children, with the aims of engendering a life-long love of reading and Arabic literature among Arab children.

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