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Kalium to showcase latest skincare products from Nimue and Mesoestetic

May 26, 2014 1:49 pm

Nimue Skin Technology, a globally recognised brand primarily amongst leading skin care centres, will highlight its innovative formulations and technologies based on the effective combination of exceptional ingredients with scientifically proven delivery systems at the Beautyworld Middle East 2014 at Dubai International Convention & Exhibition Centre from 27th to 29th May 2014.

Exclusively distributed in the region by Kalium Group of Companies, a regional distributor of advanced medical equipment, aesthetic devices and skin care products, Nimue will showcase products that cater to four skin classifications namely the environmentally damaged skin; hyperpigmented skin; problematic skin; and interactive skin. Nimue reported a 30% growth from 2013 to 2014 in the GCC and the Middle Eastern market strengthening its current status of the leading derma-cosmeceutical brand in the skin care industry.

The Nimue product range is a trend setter and is based on latest scientific research and development in the field of skin rejuvenation. “The Nimue range works on correcting the root of the problem, which is the damaged skin tissue, rather than just treating the visible symptoms. Through active ingredients both pharmaceutical and phytoceutical, Nimue alters the structure of the skin and changes it from damaged into healthy looking skin while at the same smoothing out the visible symptoms of the aggressive assault of the environment on the skin,” said Rima Al Atrash, Brand Manager Nimue Skin Technology.

Nimue’s products to be showcased at the exhibition will feature the latest technology in delivery systems highlighting the active ingredient’s function that treats the skin in the safest, most effective way. The well-researched and advanced ingredients not only restore signs of ageing, but also reverse them and protect against future damage. The structured skin health program of Nimue is based on unique four skin classifications system and three distinct treatment phases that makes it easy to follow and monitor.

Nimue will be showcasing the following new products at the Beautyworld Middle East 2014. Within the retail range: the antiaging eye cream, Multi Day + and Multi Night +, antiaging leave on mask and the professional: antiaging treatment mask.

Mesoestetic represented by Kalium in the UAE is an internationally renowned brand in the field of cosmeceuticals, medicinal products and medical devices. It has earned a great standing due to its research and development work which have led to efficient and safe treatment solutions. Mesoestetic will be launching its 2 revolutionary cosmeticeutical treatment ranges, called the ‘Stem cells’ and the ‘Collagen 360?’. Stem Cells aim to protect the life of existing cells, based on the skin’s natural capacity for self-repair with the help of encapsulated nanotechnology where the ingredient is presented encapsulated in liposomes to favour penetration in skin and optimize results.

Skin stem cells are direct precursors of cells found in the different dermal layers; Thanks to their capacity to differentiate they can regenerate aged cells. The Mesoestetic Collagen 360? Range products have been specifically designed to invert the loss of collagen that the body suffers and to fight against the signs of aging. With a high concentration of enriched marine collagen, Collagen 360? stimulates the processes of cell renovation and it reactivates the production of collagen and the filling substances that give skin its volume.