Kaya Skin Clinic launches Kaya Face Lift with Micro-Threads

March 20, 2014 10:31 am

Ageing is a natural process and to maintain the skin for anyone well past 30 is a task in itself, leave alone keeping it glowing. The weather conditions in the region and our sedentary lifestyle also makes it harder on our skin. As part of its efforts to keep our skin wrinkle free and youthful, Kaya Skin Clinic – the largest international skincare clinic chain across the Middle East – has announced the launch of its second step in Skin rejuvenation & tightening with Kaya Face Lift, a revolutionary minimally-invasive cosmetic enhancement technique that usesmicro-threads for lifting.

The procedure, which provides an immediate lifting effect, stimulates skin rejuvenation, bringing vitality, elasticity and a brightness to the skin.The new technique is extremely safe and practically painless and can be done with local anesthesia. There is no downtime with this service and clients can carry on with their daily routine almost immediately.

The micro-threads used in Kaya Face Lift are made of polidioxanone absorbable single strand sterile medical suture thread that does not produce allergy, rejection or side-effects.The threads are implanted in the hypodermis creating an immediate lifting effect.

Kaya Face Lift can get the cheeks lifted, malar zone recalibrated, jaw line emphasized, nose-bridge raised, nose narrowed, smoothening of neck lines and eyebrows raised, among others. The sutures and ingredients of the threads are completely reabsorbed by the body in six to eight months.

Dr. Mona Adly, Dermatologist at Kaya Skin Clinic, said: “Physiological ageing is natural and it is a slow irreversible process responsible for wrinkles, sagging, thinning and roughness of the skin. At Kaya, we constantly innovate to offer the latest technology in skin treatment. The Kaya Face Lift is one such holistic treatment which uses threads to lift the skin and painlessly fights sagging skin with precision.”

Sheadded: “While facial injections address wrinkles and lines, the solutions in non-invasive procedures for lifting and tightening of the skin have not been many – therefore a breakthrough in filing the gap for firming. This treatment is an addition to the world-class age control treatments on offer at Kaya, such as facial injections, Lasers& Peels, carried out by our dermatologists only who ensure high safety standards and maximum effectiveness without any invasive surgery.”

The application of mini threads accelerates micro circulation in the treated area. This causes regeneration of cells and an increase in collagen synthesis for a period of six to eight months, the time it takes the threads to be reabsorbed.

Activating the circulation increases the oxigenization of the area, causing increased brightness of the skin.This Kaya treatment is highly effective, has no downtime and is a welcome departure from the conventional skin treatments, which tend to be a painful and time-consuming exercise.

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