Kaya unravels visionary innovation with ‘Dark Circle Reduction Therapy’ for eyes

February 9, 2014 11:29 am

Are you frustrated to see those dark circles under your eyes? Do you feel embarrassed due to the uneven skin tone caused by these dark circles? Are these circles spoiling the beauty of your eyes and face? If you are encountering some dark thoughts due the dark circles under your eyes, then now you have reasons to smile!!

Kaya Skin Clinic – the largest international skincare clinic chain across the Middle East – has unveiled Kaya Dark Circle Reduction Therapy in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, a revolutionary, effective treatment that leads to reduction in the dark circles.

The visionary treatment, administered by dermatologists at Kaya Skin Clinic in KSA, uses advanced skin formulations and techniques on the dark circles and helps them fade away leaving sparkling eyes with clear, even-toned look with a smooth skin. In fact, this is a one-of-its-kind doctor-led treatment on offer in the region.

The perfect answer to do away with the dark circles, the Kaya technique provides a boost of carbon dioxide in the oxygen-starved areas under the eyes which triggers the body to feed more oxygen to the zone. A combination of meso and skincare products and latest laser technology ensures that the dark circles are faded out and prevented from recurrence.

Dr Naseeb Khoury, Specialist Dermatologist at Kaya Skin Clinic in KSA, said: “Eyes are windows to the soul, and all of us make concerted efforts to safeguard our eyes. At Kaya Skin Clinic, we constantly innovate to offer the latest technology for our customers, and the new Dark Circle Reduction Therapy is the latest innovation in skin treatment. A holistic treatment, we not only try and remove the circles but also keep them away, thus maintaining a smooth, clear skin tone. While there is no 100% cure for dark circles, it can be maintained by regular treatment regimen.”

He added: “Our dermatologists are trained to carry out this treatment and hence it is extremely safe for our customers. The treatment leads to soft, spotless skin which works on the root cause of the condition.”

The FDA-approved Kaya Dark Circle Reduction Therapy is highly effective, has no downtime and is a welcome departure from the conventional skin treatments to counter the dark circles under the eyes.

The new treatment involves multiple sessions, depending on the condition of the dark circles and individual requirements, to get the desired results, followed by maintenance sessions. Customers are also advised to use avoid extreme sun exposure on the eyes, besides sleeping well and drinking lots of water to get the best possible results.

The world-class range of advanced Kaya products perfectly complements the effectiveness of the Dark Circle Reduction Therapy to leave a clear and even toned skin in line with its vision to deliver world-class hygiene and skincare services.

About Kaya Skin Clinic

Kaya-UAE is part of an international chain of skin clinics that administers unique and personalized series of skin treatments that visibly improve the way your skin looks, acts and feels. The Kaya Skin Clinic delivers beauty through latest technology to the Middle East consumers in a serene and Zen-like ambience, while maintaining international standards of hygiene and service. Each service is a seamless blend of science, aesthetics and cosmetology designed to improve the overall performance of your skin.

Kaya Skin Clinic operates 18 clinics in the region and a pool of 26 dermatologists has proven itself by offering expert skin care to the needs of over 100,000 residents in the region with different skin tones, textures and ethnicity.