KBMC holds an awareness session on Joints and back pain

August 16, 2014 12:52 pm

As part of its responsibility toward educating the society on the chronic illnesses and diseases, KBMC has conducted an awareness lecture for the community members on Joints and Back Pain. This workshop is part of series of the medical awareness campaign implemented by KBMC Bahrain which comes in line with their 10th anniversary activities and celebrations in order to heighten awareness and increase knowledge on several health topics and issues.

During the workshop KBMC doctors had educated the attendees on the main factors may cause the “Joints and back pain” and addressed several ways to prevent and manage the symptoms of this illness.

“Joints and Back Pain conditions are the most common cause of severe long term discomfort and physical disability affecting big number of people in our region. In KBMC we have an extremely professional and dedicated medical team who spare no efforts to serve our community members and provide them with the needed medical treatments including medications, physical therapy, or alternative cures to help them return to normal activity as quickly as possible,” said Ahmad Jawahery, the chairman of KBMC.

Dr. Sumod Sukumaran, Specialist Orthopedics Surgeon at KBMC added “The main objective of this workshop is to raise awareness and improve health care capacity for adequate management, and monitoring of suspected cases of Joints and Back Pain,”