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Kerala Kitchen Restaurant unveils Kerala Food Festival

January 30, 2014 8:43 am

Kerala Kitchen Restaurant announced its plans to launch a Kerala Food Festival featuring the authentic food from Kerala (the Southern Indian State) in Dubai.

Bringing together the flavors from the 14 Districts of Kerala the Kerala Food Festival will be held at the Kerala Kitchen Restaurant in Hamza Mall, Next to Maktoum Bridge on Bank Street Karama, Dubai, from the 07th February to 22nd February 2014. Each day of the food festival will be dedicated to cuisines from each District of Kerala and the last two days will showcase a selection of the 14 days cuisines. The food festival is expected to attract a good percentage of the 1.2 million Keralites living in the UAE in addition to their non Keralite Friends and Colleagues.

“With the opening of the new restaurant in a Traditional Kerala Home Style interior made of imported wood, Kerala Kitchen restaurant is proud to present this Food Festival. This will be an opportunity for Keralites living in Dubai to taste their home cooked food and invite their non Keralite Friends and Colleagues to experience and enjoy the authenticity of Kerala and accompany us on a voyage that takes them right into the heart of gods own country through its diverse vegetarian and non-vegetarian cuisines from the 14 Districts of Kerala”, said Sandeep Balakrishnan, Managing Director of Kerala Kitchen Restaurant.

“Kerala Kitchen Restaurant currently has two outlets in Dubai and is planning to open 3 more outlets in UAE before end of this year. In addition to the new outlets in Dubai, the group also plans to open one restaurant each in the 14 Districts of Kerala – a joint venture with like-minded expatriate investors. The preliminary plan is in place for this venture”, added Sandeep Balakrishnan.

Kerala cuisine is distinctly different from food elsewhere in India. Like the unique cultural and natural heritage of the state, the cuisine of each district is also unique. The recipes, taste, name and cooking style of each food item across the district in Kerala varies. Although all styles of food can be found throughout the state, the food will be most authentic within each given district. In addition to this there are special dishes only available in certain districts.

Commenting on the Food Festival, Mr. Ranjith Venketeswaran, General Manager, Kerala Kitchen Restaurant Group said, “We are extremely excited to introduce the variants of the most popular specialties in each district to the Indian, Expatriate and local community residing in UAE. Residents in UAE are aware and fond of the traditional, spicy aromatic Kerala Food, but most of them are not aware of the various tastes across the 14 districts. Exotic vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes from diverse cuisines across Kerala will be made available during the food festival for Lunch and Dinner”

Kerala Kitchen Restaurant has arranged a Toll Free Telephone Number which is 800 KKR or 800 557 for more details about the Food Festival and for delivery in Dubai.

For more information please contact:
Renjith Venkateshwar
Tel +971 4 3376406
Toll Free 800 557 (800 KKR)