Ketab Technologies upgrades for free students’ tablets at Al Redwan Schools to ‘Ketablet’ a tablet designed specifically for education

November 7, 2013 8:22 am

Ketab Technology the leader in designing and developing interactive learning solutions and technologies has started upgrading students’ tablets at Al Redwan School in Amman, Jordan in a special ceremony attended by students’ parents and was held at the school on Tuesday 6/11/2013.

Before the upgrade Ketab Technologies have supplied the schools’ students with Archos Tablets. The upgrade is a complete and free replacement of Archos tablets with the new Ketab Technologies own branded tablet “Ketablet” which has a design reference from Intel.

“Ketablet” is designed specifically for education and built to meet students’ needs. The multi-touch display tablet is fully equipped with Intel Education Software, a comprehensive suite of applications including an e-Reader, science exploration and data analysis application and painting tools. It also has management software that provides teachers and administrators with tools to protect students and manage technology.

“Ketablet” is with a 10-inch screen has a dual-core Intel Atom Processor Z2460, an Android 4.0.4 (Ice Cream Sandwich) operating system, more than 6.5 hours of battery life, and weighs 1.5 lbs. The tablet is equipped with McAfee Mobile Security. The screens have even been designed with shock-absorbers, so it is cushioned in case of a fall.

The tablet is designed to enable interactive, collaborative learning to prepare students for success in school and beyond.

At the ceremony Mr. Yousef Sweis VP Business Development Ketab Technologies talked about Smart Schools Program from Ketab Technologies which aims to make learning more efficient fun and interactive for students, parents and teachers.

Sweis talked about the main pillars that make the program that helps develop schools and they are: Ketaboard an interactive whiteboard, Ketab Studio a software for interactive lesson and presentation creation for any interactive white board or interactive screen and Dardasa a social learning platform which offers flipped learning, Ketablet a an education designed tablet which helps student’s get the knowledge they need easily and spare them from carrying books to schools and KetabMadrasa which is classroom management system.

While Mohammad Arar training and support supervisor at Ketab Technologies has talked about Dardasa platform and about flipped learning. Flipped learning on Dardasa, inverts traditional teaching methods, delivering instruction on Dardasa outside of classroom and moving activities and homework into the classroom. Where students watch lectures at home at their own place. Communicating with peers and teachers via online discussions. Concept engagement takes place in the classroom with the help of the instructor. Dardasa also provides a number of features for teachers, students and parents, some of them are more interactive way for quizzes and the ability for parents to follow-up with their kids’ educational accomplishment at school.

Also Osama Abu Isha from R&D at Ketab Technologies talked about the main features of Ketablet and demonstrated some of them including heat censor, microscope, painting application, note taking application and hand writing recognition to text feature.

At the end of the ceremony a Q&A session was held, and the old tablets were replaced to Ketablet. One of the parents said that the free upgrade has increased the trust in Ketab Technologies.

In his part Sweis “we are happy to offer our tablet computer “Ketablet” and upgrading the tablets at Al Redwan school, this upgrading will increase the trust in Ketab Technologies, and will help make the learning process more fun and be helpful t for students.”