KidZania Cairo is attempting to break new world record

October 19, 2014 2:25 pm

KidZania Cairo is celebrating a year of operation in Egypt; in KidZania Cairo inside Cairo Festival City on Saturday 25th October at 11 a.m. This celebration carries a special nature and an important message: ‘Celebrating one year of empowering Egyptian children’.

This message will be delivered through a mega event for an attempt to break a new international world record for ‘the biggest picture for kids and their families in the world’.

Moataman Daader, Governor of KidZania Egypt, stated: “KidZania Cairo’s celebration for the first anniversary will have a different nature than any traditional celebration, as it will have significance and give a strong message to the world from the Egyptian children; that they are capable of being the builders of the future and its leaders, if they are given the chance with a proper healthy environment.” He added: “KidZania Cairo aims to empower kids and this message and goal will be delivered by seeking to achieve a new international record through capturing the biggest family picture in the world gathering 20,000 kids with their families.”

Daader pointed: “KidZania Cairo invites all the individuals, bodies and entities that promotes for children’s rights to attend the event to as a way to express their support to children’s empowerment and enlightening.”

He confirmed: “KidZania Cairo will use in this Giga Photo the highest photography technologies and techniques that will enable each of the attendees to zoom in the picture to see him/herself clearly with the highest clarity and resolution and share it on his/her social networking pages.”

The event seeks through this photo to teach children several principles, most importantly: solidarity in one voice, unity under one goal, one picture and one prize, leadership and goal achieving as each kid is a leader of children’s rights with his voice and each kid attending will be a world record title holder and will be the world’s winner through this Giga photo.

The Giga Photo also carries a sentimental and emotional concept; as KidZania Cairo tries with this idea to give the voice to the children. Therefore, the bigger the number of participants in the photo, the higher the voices that seek to empower children. The photo will be a memory that will live forever in the minds, hearts and souls of attending children and adults.