KIG partners with INJAZ organization in Community Adoption Program

February 24, 2014 3:48 pm

Driven by the common goal of Community Service, and the effective role organizations can play in encouraging Jordanian youth to capture opportunities and enhance economic conditions of certain communities, INJAZ organization represented by CEO –Dima Bibi signed a strategic agreement with KADDB Investment Group (KIG) represented by CEO- Eng. Ahmad Sallakh solidifying their commitment for two academic years.

The collaboration entails the adoption of Khaldiyah and Duleel. The KIG will contribute to the development of Khaldiyah and Duleel community through INJAZ’s Community Adoption Program and will effectively develop Living situation and enhance Economic services in the area. The mentorship by KIG trained volunteers reflects a significant requirement for the community to be developed.

On this occasion, Mr. Ahmad Sallakh ” stated:” As an integral part of our mission, We at KADDB Investment Group aim at serving the local community that we operate in. Therefore, we have partnered up with INJAZ for their significant reputation in sustainable CSR, to achieve the Group’s strategic objective within a comprehensive and methodical plan.”

Ms. Deema Bibi added : “This partnership will expand the impact that we are foreseeing of the Community Adoption Program in Khaldiyah and Duleel areas. We are very excited to implement this project and we applaud KIG for their continuous support to the community”.