KSA recruits patients for MERS study

July 2, 2014 2:15 am

Patients in Saudi Arabia have been recruited for a crucial study on the source of the deadly MERS virus, Reuters has reported. Chief Saudi scientist Tariq Madani said the study was now under way, having so far enrolled the first 10 “cases,” people who had the disease and either died or recovered, alongside 40 “controls,” with whom to compare. Ideally, the study would look at 20 cases and 80 controls, he said. “(This) should have been done long ago, but unfortunately it wasn’t. So it was the top priority research project we started with,” Madani told the news service. “It will answer many questions regarding the risk factors for acquiring MERS, particularly in the primary cases where there is no clear source of infection such as contact with somebody else with MERS.”