KUNA inaugurates internship program for Kuwait University students

August 5, 2014 9:18 am

Kuwait News Agency, in cooperation with Kuwait University, launched on Sunday its first university-level internship program, as part of KUNA’s approach to contribute to the State strategy for upgrading human resources’ skills, the agency reported. KUNA’s Chairman and Director-General Sheikh Mubarak Al-Duaij Al-Ibrahim Al-Sabah said in the inaugural statement, addressed on his behalf by Abdulhamid Malak, the acting director-general, the national news organization was proceeding with its role for supporting and enhancing the youths’ skills. “Cooperation between the news agency and Kuwait University that has resulted in the launch of this program reflects the university’s keenness on enriching the students’ skills in various specialties,” Al-Malak quoted the chairman as saying. The program will be officially launched on Tuesday and proceed for two months. Its themes cover sharpening the students journalistic skills, aiding them to be active during the summer and preparing them for work.