Landmark Group launches green initiatives on World Earth Day

April 22, 2014 9:43 am

Landmark Group, the region’s leading retail and hospitality conglomerate, has pledged to plant 365 ‘ghaf’ trees (Prosopis cineraria) in the Barari Area as part of efforts to mark World Earth Day on 22 April.

Taking an additional step towards ‘supporting a greener and brighter world’, the Group will also launch an ‘Adopt a Plant’ initiative that encourages employees and the wider community to purchase a nominally priced indoor plant for their respective workspaces. The potted plants will be retailed between 9am and 7pm on 22 April at designated nursery stalls in Oasis Centre and the Landmark Group’s corporate office in Jebel Ali.

Renuka Jagtiani, Vice Chairperson – Landmark Group, said: “World Earth Day is significant for every business and individual as it reinforces the importance of taking steps to protect the environment. The Group constantly strives to implement and follow green practices in our business and operational processes and these World Earth Day initiatives are part of our effort to take the message further into communities. We wish to encourage our employees and customers to support a greener planet to ensure a better world for all of us.”

The Group has opted to plant the evergreen ghaf trees for its sturdy and drought-tolerant features. The ghaf is indigenous to the UAE and integral to the region’s eco-system. Its roots are capable of absorbing water from 30 metres below the ground. Ghaf trees also help stabilise shifting sand dunes and support forestation of dry areas. In addition to providing much needed shade to wildlife in the scorching summer heat, the pods and leaves serve as fodder, rejuvenating soil with their nitrogen-fixating properties.

The Group’s ‘Adopt a Plant’ campaign encourages people to have plants at their office desk and homes. Indoor plants help purify and enhance the air in a room, and are known to increase creative ability and focus while minimizing stress and fatigue.

The two initiatives reinforce the Group’s commitment towards environmental protection. Landmark Group plans to initiate similar World Earth Day projects at its offices across the GCC and India.

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