Lebanese Ambassador visits Sorbonne Abu Dhabi

March 2, 2014 2:02 pm

Paris – Sorbonne University Abu Dhabi hosted H.E. the Ambassador of Lebanon to the United Arab Emirates , Mr. Hassan Youssef Saad, in an amicable visit. The Ambassador was received by Prof. Eric Fouache, Paris – Sorbonne University Abu Dhabi Vice-Chancellor, who welcomed the visitors and underscored the university’s keenness to build strong ties with all embassies and cultural missions in the UAE in order to ensure effective academic cooperation and provide better support and follow-up for students.

Prof. Fouache said, “Sorbonne Abu Dhabi is proud to currently have students, faculty and staff from over 65 nationalities,” observing that Lebanese nationals are more than welcome to join Sorbonne Abu Dhabi as students.

Prof. Fouache affirmed that the visit will help reinforce and strengthen bilateral relations between Sorbonne Abu Dhabi and Lebanese universities. “We are working concertedly and earnestly to develop such ties not only for the benefit of Emirati and Lebanese students, but to serve students from around the world as well,” he said, noting that the Lebanese ambassador was briefed on Sorbonne Abu Dhabi’s state-of-the-art programs which reflect the UAE leadership’s concern for and fostering of the continued development of all levels of the education system. Moreover, Prof. Fouache underlined the importance of inter-university collaboration in the two neighborly countries.

During his visit, Mr. Saad explored the undergraduate and graduate programs offered by Sorbonne Abu Dhabi, as well as available services and facilities.

Mr. Saad also called for wider communication between universities and educational institutions in Lebanon and the UAE towards promoting student and academic exchange and cooperation in research. Students can learn from each other, he said, and invited Emirati students to further engage with their peers in Lebanon in all areas.

The visit concluded with both parties agreeing to hold additional meetings. The ambassador promised another tour of Sorbonne Abu Dhabi faculties and premises to explore the modern educational techniques and facilities that the university has invested in to allow its students to grow and acquire effective knowledge and training to better integrate the job market upon graduation.

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