Lebanese University and Reviva Regenerative Medicine Center sign cooperation agreement

February 15, 2014 9:40 am

The Lebanese University and Reviva Regenerative Medicine Center, the leading center in stem cell research and therapy in the MENA region, signed an agreement on Wednesday February 12th that aims to establish a regenerative medicine research body at the university’s Faculty of Medical Sciences.

The event, which took place at the Middle East Institute of Health in Metn’s Bsalim, was attended by the President of the Lebanese University, Dr. Adnan Sayyed Hussein, Dean of the Faculty of Medical Science, Dr Pierre Yared and the CEO of Reviva, Dr. Albert Azar, among other notable doctors, researchers and university professors and faculty members.

The agreement stipulates further developing collaborative research in regenerative medicine, stem cell therapy and tissue repair, as well as examining the main obstacles this type of treatment faces. In addition to the research and studies, the agreement also covers maintaining adequate infrastructure, providing the resources needed and putting them to excellent use, and transferring knowledge from both centers in order to practice all theories learned at the university.

In a speech he made at the event, Reviva’s Dr. Azar thanked the university for its support and considered the agreement as an example well set in the field of medical practice especially in the field of stem cell therapy as it provides treatment for cases deemed in traditional medicine as hopeless cases.

“This agreement provides Reviva the support and trust needed in order to move forward in this field and always enhance the quality of research and practice this center has always applied”, Dr. Azar said, adding “To ensure the highest standard of work is provided at all times, Reviva was established in accordance with global guidelines set by professional observers in addition to continuous training to all staff members”.

The event was concluded with Dr. Azar awarding the Lebanese University a plaque and thanking it for its support and effort.