LG Electronics holds training session on ‘Multi V4’

August 23, 2014 12:16 pm

LG’s Air Conditioning Academy recently held a series of training seminars in its headquarters focusing on the latest LG innovation in the VRF industry, ‘Multi V4’, which helps projects of all sizes in maintaining a stable, dependable VFR system with advanced power management.

The seminars were held in collaboration with IDEAL AC Company, an authorized LG CAC distributor in Jordan.

Commenting on this initiative, the manager of LG’s AC Academy Hussam Ebbini, said, “We’ve approached several sectors in the Kingdom with our VRF solution and have found the reception to be astounding. The Multi V4 has several exclusive technologies to help provide the highest energy savings and longest piping in the industry. Additionally, the flexibility of the system allows users to apply it to virtually any project needed, ranging from small villas to hospitals and hotels.”

With the Kingdom moving towards advanced energy saving practices within the electronics industry, the Multi V4 is an ideal solution to meet the requirements of future projects in Jordan.

The experience at the seminars substantially broadened the knowledge and awareness of its participants, which is of paramount importance given the continually-expanding market for quality air conditioning solutions in the Levant. Given the region’s uniquely varied topography and climatic conditions, the Multi V4 has proven to be an ideal and versatile solution capable of superior performance across the board.