Lifestyle diseases are main cause of kidney problems in UAE: say local experts

April 10, 2014 2:40 pm

Chronic kidney disease is a state in which the pair of kidneys in a person’s body gradually loses its ability to filter wastes and excess fluids from their blood, often leading to kidney failure. These wastes and excess fluids which normally gets excreted, starts building up in a patient’s body leading to serious complications like swelling of arms and legs due to fluid retention, fluid retention in lungs, anemia, cardiovascular diseases, damage to central nervous system and kidney failure. In UAE, high prevalence of lifestyle diseases like diabetes, hypertension and obesity have long been identified as the main causes of kidney diseases.

“The high incidence of lifestyle diseases is proving to be life-threatening for people in this region, with an alarming increase in the number of patients with kidney failure who are enrolling for treatment, regular dialysis and transplant every year. Fortunately with current medical advances in UAE, treatment is available to control kidney diseases effectively, even if diagnosed at a late stage, however early detection is the best to prevent and delay the progression to end stage kidney disease,” said Prof. Mona Al Rukhaimi- President of Emirates Medical Association Nephrology Society(EMAN).

High blood pressure overtime damages the arteries and filtering units of kidneys(nephrons), leading to irreparable kidney damage. Diabetes accounts for high blood sugar levels (hyperglycemia) damaging blood vessels in the kidneys. Obesity increases diabetes and blood pressure complications. All these elements form a vicious circle of one complication leading to another, resulting in life threatening complication of kidney and heart failure. Accurate treatment process has to be undertaken to treat the complications and prevent further damage.

“Medical innovations have eased the treatment options available for patients with end stage kidney disease, allowing them to go to hospital just once a month if they are on home type of dialysis. It makes a patient’s life easier and comfortable as they can live their regular life, work and spend time with family. It makes treatment more convenient and the patient more compliant,” added Dr. Mona.

Controlling diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity and cholesterol in its early stages while maintaining an active lifestyle is highly essential for prevention of kidney diseases.

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