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Ma’aden contributes to global study on HR Competencies

June 28, 2014 2:06 pm

Ma’aden’s Executive Director of Human Resources, Mr. Fouzi Bubshait, and Ma’aden’s “ETGAN” Transformation Program Expert, Mr. Andrew Cox together with a colleague from the RBL Group, co-authored a key chapter in a new book entitled “Global HR Competencies: Mastering Competitive Value from the Outside-In”.

This unique book was edited by Dave Ulrich, esteemed HR Guru and Professor at the Ross School of Business, University of Michigan, and his team. Published by McGraw Hill, it is a companion to “HR from the Outside In”, which reports the overall findings of Ulrich’s research and the implications for the HR profession.

This book examines how HR professionals integrate across external, stakeholder, strategic, and organization levels in each major region of the world including the Middle East. In fact, for the first time in the twenty-five year history of the Global HR Competency Study, data was included on HR competencies in the Middle East in the chapter co-authored by Mr Bubshait and Mr. Cox. The chapter reflects on the social, political and economic changes occurring throughout the Middle East, and their impact on the aspirations and utilization of the region’s human capital. Never before has HR been able to examine both global expectations and local requirements for HR with data from both HR professionals and their associates.

Mr. Bubshait and Mr. Cox’s contribution to the HR body of knowledge reflects Ma’aden’s pursuit of best practices across the organization in its journey towards becoming a world class minerals enterprise.