Mashreq supports employee initiative

January 29, 2014 5:42 am

Raising awareness of children’s abilities rather than highlighting their disabilities, dedicated walkathon aficionado Nasser Ibrahim will walk 100km from Abu Dhabi to Dubai, to raise funds for special needs children in Rashid Centre for Disabled.

Supporting Emirati banker Nasser on his 7th walkathon, Mashreq, UAE’s leading financial institution, will donate AED 50,000 to Rashed Pediatric Centre following completion of the walkathon. Taking place on Monday, February 3rd at 3:30pm, with a starting point at Abu Dhabi Airport and an end destination of Dubai Internet City branch of Mashreq, the walk is estimated to take 48 hours.

Mariam Othman, Director of Rashid Centre for Disabled commented, “It’s great to see our young Emiratis employ their talents, abilities and potentials in order to serve noble and sublime issues, as well as interact with the concerns and issues of people with special needs. Thus, the young people become role models for others so that our children and our students with disabilities feel that their community did not surpass or marginalize them. The runner Nasser has contributed, through his marathon and the distance he covered in previous times and this time, in deepening and enhancing community awareness of disability issues. I cannot fail to thank the organizations that supported and sponsored the Emirati runner Nasser, especially Mashreq, which underlines the importance of the solidarity of the public and private sectors.”

Speaking on why he keeps putting himself through the grueling challenges of a walkathon Nasser highlights why making a difference for these children is a matter close to his heart.

Nasser Ibrahim, Emerging Corporate Relationship Manager in Mashreq said, “It’s all about raising awareness of what children with special needs can do rather than what they can’t do so that they can be integrated into society without feeling any less privileged than other children. I’ve been doing these walkathons for many years now and each one always means something different. I am highly thankful to Mashreq for supporting me on this and I can’t wait to meet the children at Rashid Pediatric Centre on the last leg of the walkathon.”

H.E. AbdulAziz Al Ghurair and senior management of the Bank will be joining Nasser along with children from Rashid Pediatric Centre for Special Needs will also walk with the Emirati banker and the group for the last 1km, emphasizing their integration into society.

The money donated during the walkathon will be presented to the Rashid Pediatric Centre on the completion of 100kms in front of Mashreq branch in the presence of special needs children and the Bank’s staff.

Huda Ismail
Public Relations, Mashreq
Tel: 04 –6083629