Mazola targets 25% growth, amidst surge in regional food consumption

July 30, 2014 11:34 am

Globalization, fast-moving lifestyles, surging population and proliferation of retail have led to a healthy growth of the food industry and increased food consumption across the Gulf. Amidst this growth pattern, Mazola – one of the leading food product brands in the region – is targeting a 25% growth in sales over the next two years.

The company, which has carved a niche with its world-class products, unmatched standards in manufacturing, quality and packaging, is aggressively spreading its geographical footprint and point of sale stocks as study reveals a strong surge in food consumption across the GCC countries.

According to a research document by Alpen Capital, food consumption in the region will expand at a CAGR of 3%, reaching 49 million metric tons by the end of 2017. Per capita food consumption for the GCC region is forecasted to reach 971 kg by 2015 and 983 kg 2017, attributed to the rapidly growing population in the GCC, increase in foreign tourists as well as the rising income levels.

From the food consumption standpoint, Saudi Arabia would continue to lead the region’s food sector accounting for close to 60% of total consumption, while Qatar is expected to outpace that of other GCC countries followed by UAE & Oman. A notable trend highlighted in the study is the changing consumption pattern across the GCC, with a shift to a protein-rich diet that includes meat and dairy products from a carbohydrate-based one that consists of staple food items such as cereals.

In line with this, Mazola is targeting a planned outreach, as all its oil products are rich in Vitamin E and help maintain a healthy cholesterol level. Mazola oil is naturally 100% cholesterol free and is extracted from the germ of the corn to ensure best quality. The Mazola mayonnaise range provides a healthy balance of dietary fats that are important for health and well-being.

Mr. Simon Gottfried, Vice President of Basateen Foods Saudi Arabia – the manufacturers of Mazola products in the region, said, “As a company, we are eyeing a strong growth in the region, as we have a strategic plan in place which reflects our commitment to produce increased volumes of Mazola products and meet the snowballing brand share, product development and geographic expansion. No wonder, we are the World’s favourite cooking oil for over 100 years.”

Mazola products are tailored to meet the needs of the consumers, going by the legacy set over the last 100 years – be it the great range of oils which include Mazola Corn Oil, Sunflower Oil, Frying Oil & Olive Oil, the irresistible flavors of Mayonnaise, the genuine Shortening, butter flavor Ghee or the easy to spread Margarine.