Mega Food Industries introduces Lavina Tea to Jordanian market

May 4, 2014 1:24 pm

Tea lovers across the Kingdom can now enjoy the rich flavors of their favorite beverage with Lavina Prime Black Tea, a specialty blend sourced from the finest tea gardens in the world. Lavina is a Jordanian brand recently launched by Mega Food Industries, following an expansive advertising campaign entitled Let’s Lavina!.

The campaign comprised television, radio and outdoor ads, as well as sampling booths in several malls and public venues, highlighting memorable moments shared with friends and family.

Lavina will initially offer the local market an intensely flavored prime black tea and will later introduce a variety of premium herbal and fruity infusions. All blends will be available in tightly sealed tea bags made from natural fibres to preserve taste, freshness and quality, as well as in loose leaf packs for a truly authentic experience.

“At Lavina, we beleive that gatherings that revolve around tea bring people together. As such, we strive to become the number one choice for tea lovers who enjoy candid conversations with friends and family, in line with our slogan, Lavina, a rich taste that enriches your life,” commented Mega Food Industries CEO Serhan Bahcelioglu.

Mega Food Industries is a Turkish-German joint-venture company run by a Board of Directors that leverages over 15 years of experience in tea manufacture, marketing and trade worldwide. The Company owns the first and only tea manufacturing plant in Jordan, which operates on par with the latest technologies and international industry manufacturing practices.

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