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Metito and Zulekha Healthcare Group announce ‘Safe Water Supply for Schools’ initiative in India

April 30, 2014 9:59 am

Metito, the leader and provider of choice for total intelligent water management solutions in the emerging markets, announces a partnership with Zulekha Healthcare Group to develop sustainable solutions to ensure safe, clean drinking water supply at several schools in India.

The partnership was announced at a signing ceremony at Zulekha Hospital Sharjah on Monday. The ‘Safe Water Supply for Schools’ initiative will see Metito’s industry expertise and Zulekha Healthcare Group’s commitment to community wellbeing bring tangible benefits to children by securing a reliable supply of clean water to four schools in the city of Nagpur.

Access to clean, safe drinking water is a basic human right but yet remains a challenge in India, as well as in other countries around the world. In India, water supply has improved significantly in recent years, with 88% of the population, which is around 1.2 billion, having access to drinking water from improved sources in 2008, compared to 68% in 1990, according to UNICEF1. Still, more efforts must be made to improve this figure and to ensure sustainable water supply for generations to come.

Metito and Zulekha Healthcare Group realise this need and strive to continue playing a role in making positive things happen. This partnership enables them to combine their resources, efforts and know how to provide needed safe drinking water for a section of the Indian community that are unable to do something about it themselves – school children – the future of any nation.

UNICEF studies have shown adequate, well-maintained water supply and sanitation facilities in schools encourage children to attend regularly and help them achieve their educational goals. Inadequate water supply and sanitation in schools are health hazards and affect attendance, retention and overall educational performance. Several major health concerns stemming from unsafe drinking water that affect school age children have been recorded to impact upon their learning abilities.

The initiative will see water tanks, water coolers, and UV disinfection units installed at four schools in Nagpur city, Maharashtra State, India. The project entails equipment and hardware procurement, arrangement of labour, training, overseeing and monitoring related civil and plumbing work, and commissioning.

Mutaz Ghandour, Metito CEO, said, “Playing a role in developing sustainable communities is something we’re very passionate about and it’s fortunate this passion is complemented by the fact we work in an industry that strives on that notion.” He added, “It’s Metito’s mission to utilise its resources, knowledge and expertise to ensure a cleaner environment that starts with a basic human right; access to clean and safe water. Zulekha prides itself on ensuring the welfare of others, so partnering with them is a truly unique opportunity that we’re confident will yield great results.”

Zanubia Shams, CEO, Zulekha Healthcare Group, commented, “We chose to drive this initiative with our partners because we believe good health nurtures better resources for tomorrow. Good health is the basic right of any human being and particularly for future generations. Better facilities, clean drinking water, and a healthy environment are investments we make to build a better world. We proudly announce our association with this noble venture starting in Nagpur, India and we hope to take this forward all across the country.”

The four schools in Nagpur that will have the solutions installed are the Ravindranath Tagore Convent, Millat Urdu Upper Primary & High School, Public Urdu Upper Primary School, SHUMS Girls High School. In 2011, Metito sponsored a Water Purification Plant in Shirwal village, near Pune, Maharashtra State, India. The plant provides safe drinking water for 30,000 people. The Safe Water Supply for Schools programme is set to be completed by the 3rd quarter of 2014.

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