MICS population survey nears conclusion

March 25, 2014 11:04 am

Conducted by the National Centre for Statistics and Information (NCSI), the Multiple Indicator Cluster Survey (MICS) works nears conclusion as NCSI representatives complete their visits to families various governorates across the Sultanate to collect data, with a focus on women and children. Once completed, the MICS survey will have canvassed 6,400 Omani and expat families by the end of March 2014.

Yaqoob bin Khamis soniya al-Zidjali Social Survey Department Director, said, “Survey works are continuing according to the planned schedule. It has run smoothly, and the cooperation of families with NCSI representatives has greatly assisted us to complete the survey requirements ahead of schedule.” Commenting on the goals of the survey, Yaqoob added: “The survey aims to provide updated data to evaluate the status of women and children. This would help in achieving development goals as well as providing indicators that would support the national development plans. The MICS survey would build an accurate database and control systems in designing, implementing and analyzing database in addition to accurately measuring education outcomes between the two genders in an equal manner.”

Awadh Said Bait Hadid – supervisor of Dhofar and Al-Wusta governorates, said, “His team of 5 representatives has already completed the field survey works. The team has visited some 600 families, 450 in Dhofar and 60 families in al-Wusta. Awadh says that families co-operation facilitated the work of the survey team, and he also complemented the efforts of the NCSI in raising awareness through media to ensure residents were aware of the visiting NSCI representatives.”

Zahir bin Zahran al-Oufi supervisor of Al-Dakhiliya, with a team of 5 representatives, said, “His team has visited 580 families and will visit 120 more families in the coming days. He expects that the team will finish field work sometime next week. Al-Oufi praised the cooperation of the families with NCSI representatives. Some women were conservative, but they answered the questions after assurances from the NCSI representatives that the data collected is highly confidential and secured.”

Ahmed bin Mohammad Al-Jamoodi supervisor of Al-Sharqiya North with a team of 3 representatives has completed visits to a total of 400 families. Al-Jamoodi, noted, “There were no real challenges faced by the team to complete their field work, except for the long distances the field representatives had to travel, in addition to repeating the visits if some families were not home during the first visit.”

The MICS survey, conducted by the NCSI started on the 25th of January and will continue to the end of March 2014. A total of fifty NCSI field representatives including supervisors and field workers have visited Omani and non-Omani families to collect data with focus on women and children. The MICS survey sample consists of some 6,400 Omani and expatriate families, which is approx 1.2% of the population according to the end of 2013 NCSI population data.

“We would like to thank all the families who took part in the survey for their cooperation which was effective in facilitating our job and adhering to the schedule of the survey. I would like to thank them on behalf of the NCSI,” added Yaqoob Al-Zidjali.

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