Middle East football fans now have chance to enter business of football

May 6, 2014 5:18 pm

This May, football enthusiasts across the Middle East will have the unique opportunity to participate in the business of football by investing in the region’s only online retail shop dedicated to football products.

KooraBazar.com, dubbed as the Middle East’s largest football eShop, started its operation almost a year ago, after its first fundraising round last April. Based in Dubai they are selling apparel, footwear and football training gear across the Gulf countries. They have signed supplier agreements with the football industries top brands, as well many of the local UAE football clubs.

The opportunity is specifically created for football loving investors looking to benefit from the fast-growing online retail market in the Middle East. The minimum investment ticket is USD 10,000.

Ghazi Ben Amor, Managing Director and co-founder says: “For this funding round we have followed the traditional route of VCs and angel investors, but part of the round has also been reserved exclusively for football fans, those with a true passion for football”

The investment process will happen on one-to-one basis. “We prefer to know our investors on a personal level and we want to make sure they have a love for the game like we do” said Yorgos Kleivokiotis, the other co-founder “Our dream is for KooraBazar to be more of a community of football lovers, than just another eShop”.

As the sports retail market in the region continues to grow and the total B2C e-commerce sales in the region are estimated to exceed $3.3 billion. The KooraBazar team believes the opportunity is one that savvy business football enthusiasts in the region will be eager to explore.

The opportunity to invest in KooraBazar.com opened today and will be open until the end of the World Cup.

Press contacts:

English: Yorgos Kleivokiotis
Business Development Director

Arabic: Ghazi Ben Amor
Managing Director