Minister of Agriculture awards A’laf Wadi Shield of Excellence for continuous contribution to Egyptian feed market

January 7, 2014 5:16 am

At a special ceremony held last month at the conference center of the Ministry of Agriculture, H.E. Prof. Dr. Ayman Farid Abou-Hadid, Egypt’s Minister of Agriculture, awarded the Shield of Excellence to A’laf Al Wadi, the animal feed division of Wadi Group, for the company’s continuous contribution to the Egyptian feed market. The Shield of Excellence is an award given to key players operating in the animal husbandry and animal feed industries for their admirable work.

The award was given to A’laf Al Wadi’s entire feed portfolio, which includes first-class feed solutions tailored to suit the specific requirements of farmers and the various nutritive needs of poultry flocks, including 8-Cycle Feed, Golden Feed Meal , Super Balady and Idafat soya bean meal.

“This award represents the hard work and ingenuity of many talented individuals at Wadi Group,” said Tony Freiji, CEO of Wadi Group. “Our A’laf Al Wadi portfolio demonstrates the significant achievements that can be realized through innovation and dedication to improving the industry for the benefit of farmers and, ultimately, consumers. We are delighted that our efforts to meet the diverse needs of Egyptian poultry farmers have been recognized by the Ministry of Agriculture.” The Minister of Agriculture presented the award to Wadi Group CEO, Tony Freiji, during a gathering of animal husbandry producers in Egypt.

On a separate note, and within the framework of his field visits to some agricultural, livestock and poultry projects in Egypt to identify various challenges that face producers of these sectors, Dr. Ayman Farid Abou-Hadid, Minister of Agriculture along with top officials at the ministry have recently visited some agricultural projects located on Cairo-Alex Desert Road, Wadi Group’s farm on Km 49 was one of the sites the minister has visited.

Engineer/ Tony Freiji, CEO of Wadi Group has accompanied the minister during his visit and explained to him in details the different sectors, their production capacity, and Wadi Group’s strategy in managing the farms according to the highest standards of professional and hygienic practices coping with these implemented globally. The Minister and the other visitors have appraised the farm’s highest standards, making it an example to be followed by similar farms in Egypt. The Minister also appreciated Wadi Group’s utmost care to implement the best practices when it comes to grow organic crops and breed broiler parents and commercial broiler chicks. Wadi Group’s vision was evidently reflected and made clear for these two sectors during the ministerial visit.

Occupying fully cultivated 1700 feddans at Km 49, Wadi farm is regarded to be the largest integrated farm of its kind in Egypt. The farms comprise 400 feddans of olive tree (150,000 trees), 400 feddans of grapes for producing juice and export, in addition to 24 feddans of sophisticated greenhouses to grow green beans and bell pepper for export.

The farms also comprise the biggest broiler chicks’ breeding wards, with a total production of 40 million broiler chicks annually, out of 70 million chicks representing Wadi Group’s total production of broiler chicks each year. Wadi Group’s poultry farm is a subject of the most stringent procedures of hygienic and health quarantine to prevent any viral infection, particularly H1N1 virus strains. Wadi Group is willing to double its production capacity of broiler chicks to reach 110 million chicks in 2014.

Worth noting that Wadi Farm in Km.49 reflects the group’s integrated strategy and vision to the Egyptian market, where it operates for more than 25 years now.

Engy Emad
Media Relations Manager
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