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Moroccan Pharmaceutical Industry reaffirms Middle Eastern commitment at Arab Health 2014

January 28, 2014 6:49 am

Led by delegates of the Moroccan government, top-tier pharmaceutical companies based out of the Kingdom of Morocco amped up their preparations ahead of the Arab Health 2014. Highlighting their commitment to the Middle East at large – the companies showcased their latest solutions and developments in the pharmaceutical field.

Considered by many as one of the largest exhibitions in the medical and pharmaceutical sector in the Middle East and Asia, Arab health/MEDLAAB continues to garner widespread appeal and double digit growth year on year. The previous edition of the event witnessed 3,900 exhibitors and 85,000 visitors over 4 days. The exhibitions main purpose is to provide a platform for industry specialists from the world over to meet and engage with local and governmental authorities as well as major health organisations.

With growth in the Middle East being exponential, it is forecast that the region will represent a combined GDP of $2.5 trillion in 2016. In particular, the GCC accounts for a very low production base of pharmaceutical products. Saudi Arabia imports 85% of its pharmaceutical products. The UAE’s imports account for imports in excess of Dhs3bn .

Morocco’s Export Promotion Centre (Maroc Export) views this as an opportunity for them to showcase their excellent infrastructure in the pharmaceutical industry that enables them to be a top pharmaceutical exporter in Africa. Exports to the European Union already account for 10% of medical exports.

Morocco’s Export Promotion Centre (Maroc Export) views UAE and the Middle East as a whole as a great opportunity for mutual growth. With the GCC population will reach 53 million by 2020 it is only natural for healthcare costs to rise proportionately. With a total of 32 pharmaceutical production units in our Kingdom, we are perfectly poised to deliver to that need in terms of price efficiency, choice and more importantly the highest quality control.

Placed 2nd in Africa after South Africa, Morocco’s pharmaceutical industry is certified in conformity with the International Quality Standards. With exponential growth year on year, it significantly contributes to Morocco’s exports with an annual turnover of approximately $28m. Combine this with the political, social and economic stability which Morocco is characterised by in the international space – it makes for the prefect trade partner. For the second time in as many years, Morocco will be represented by a combination of government delegates and industry professional from the top seven pharmaceutical providers in the Kingdom. Available over the course of the 4 day exhibition at the Moroccan pavilion at the International Exhibition Centre in Dubai, exhibitors will showcase the best that Morocco has to offer.

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