MSD and Julphar team up to address patients’ needs in the region

April 9, 2014 3:32 pm

MSD, one of the world’s leading healthcare companies, and Julphar, a UAE-based global pharmaceutical company, today signed a landmark five-year licensing agreement. The agreement provides Julphar with exclusive rights to produce, market, distribute and sell certain MSD medicines in UAE, Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman, Qatar and Iraq.

The new partnership contributes to the ambitious healthcare plans of regional governments to improve the quality of their healthcare systems and benefit their citizens. It will potentially enhance patients’ access to cutting-edge therapies for diabetes, asthma, allergy, pain and inflammation. Both companies will seek the relevant authorities’ prior approvals on registration and production of the products locally.

This new agreement signals the importance of the UAE and the region to MSD and Julphar, and reflects their commitment to enhance patient access in a region where diabetes, asthma and other diseases pose serious healthcare challenges.

“I am proud to announce this landmark agreement between MSD and Julphar — a partnership which will lead to having some MSD products being manufactured in this region for the very first time,” said Ramsey Morad, Vice president, MSD for the Middle East region.

“Our partnership with Julphar means stronger focus on innovative ways to address critical diseases, a closer connection with current and potential customers, and a region-wide focus on their healthcare needs. In light of the exemplary efforts by regional governments to improve their national healthcare systems, MSD is sharing its latest production methods and expertise with Julphar in this joint initiative to support our customers and patients.”

“Julphar is delighted to be partnering with MSD”, Dr. Ayman Sahli, Chief Executive Officer, Julphar, stated.

“This partnership is the result of shared values and principles to advance healthcare in the MENA region, as we both strive for the highest standards of quality and, most importantly, focus on the welfare of patients in our communities.”

“This agreement allows a global leader in healthcare to tap into the local know-how and expertise of a regional leader. Manufacturing locally high-quality medications will enhance accessibility and create greater value for all our stakeholders”, Sahli said.

MSD and Julphar executives underscore the UAE’s commitment to business and investment-friendly policies governing the sector as a major factor in their investment decisions.

“As a global healthcare leader, MSD considers a wide range of conditions governing the local investment environment,” Morad said.

“The UAE has demonstrated that it is committed to building up the innovative biopharmaceutical sector, and is willing to work with the private sector on policies that enhance the UAE’s competitiveness in this strategic sector. We appreciate that approach, and will continue to explore opportunities in countries in the region that show that kind of flexibility and understanding of investors and companies’ perspectives”.

Merck and MSD operate in more than 140 countries and spend more than USD 8 billion each year on medicines research and development, making it one of the largest contributors to medical research and development among global biopharmaceutical companies.