NCSI conducts youth orientation survey

June 15, 2014 4:51 pm

The National Centre for Statistics and Information (NCSI) has commenced the second survey on ‘Omani youth orientations’. The survey aims at canvasing the youth orientations through collecting data about their economic, social and cultural attitudes, which forms the basis for achieving sustainable growth in the future as well as preserving the developments achieved so far.

In order to deploy the best practice for survey techniques covering a large survey sample population, NCSI is conducting the youth orientation survey through the call center and email contact. The first stage of the survey commenced earlier this month with the transmission of survey email questionnaires to higher education students drawn from throughout the Sultanate.

Commenting on the importance of conducting such surveys, Sausan bint Dawood Al-Lawati Acting Director General of Information at NCSI, said, “The NCSI conducted the first youth orientation survey in 2013 during the May-June period. Following the great success of the first survey and the positive and important outcome of the results, the NCSI is carrying on the second survey to follow up the developments of youth orientations in different fields. The second survey will be only quantitative, and the same methodologies will be followed. The study will include surveys of three samples of Omani youth aged between 18-29 years from all parts of the Sultanate, including higher education students, employees and job seekers.”

The study aims at canvasing the preferable working field for the youth, the mechanisms followed in looking for employment, the preferred basic salary for working in both private and governmental sectors, the youth evaluation of the government’s effort in employment and their vision of this role. The study will also cover the reliable sources of information for the youth for job vacancies and other information, in addition to evaluating the level of using modern technology. The first stage of the survey kicked-off earlier this month including a sample of 3,000 higher education students. The second stage of the survey starts tomorrow 17th June, which will be conducted through phone calls includes a sample of 3,000 job seekers and 1,000 employees, bringing the total number of survey participants included in the three surveys to 7,000.

The first survey was conducted to prepare a report of “social policy with the economic growth”. Quantitative and qualitative tools were used in the first survey in order to reach a profound understanding of the youth orientations. The survey provided important data of the economic, social and cultural status which is a basic pillar in achieving sustainable development.