New approaches to strategic planning and financial management in the public sector were developed through several workshops held at the AGU

March 6, 2014 3:00 pm

The French Arabian Business School (FABS) of the Arabian Gulf University partnered with the Bahrain Institute of Public Administration(BIPA) and the United Nation Development Program (UNDP), through their joint Capacity Development Facility (CDF) project to offer two workshops addressing key issues related to good public management and governance. More than thirty civil servants mainly from the royal court as well as from ministries of Labor, interior, works, National Central Bank as well from the following public institutions National Oil & Gaz Authority (NOGA), National Institute for Human Rights and the Central Informatics Organization (CIO) in the Kingdom of Bahrain attended the workshops.

The urgency of rethinking approaches to strategic planning and financial management in the public sector has been highlighted throughout the workshops to address the challenges of globalization, the advances in technology as well the increased demands of society. New approaches incorporating contemporary strategic management models and financial management tools have been presented aiming to meet the demands of the public sector stakeholders and improve its performance while maintaining its quality standards.

The first workshop entitled “Strategic Planning for Public and Non-Profit organizations” scheduled on February 13,14 and 15, 2014, and on February 27, 28 and March 1st, 2014 examined the importance of capacity building in the public sector and discussed the importance of strategic planning and resource development in organization development.

Stress was laid on the importance of establishing organizational roadmaps to determine direction and objectives as well realign improvements efforts with governing strategies.

The second workshop entitled “Budgeting and Financial Management for Public and Non- Profit organizations” scheduled on February 20,21,22, 2014 enabled participants to understand and use financial management and budgeting tools in the public sector and learn about the necessary institutional arrangements required to enhance public financial management transparency and accountability.

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