New radiology and imaging consultant joins Royale Hayat Hospital

April 23, 2014 9:47 am

Royale Hayat Hospital is proud to announce that Dr. Hatem Sallam, MD has joined the medical team as a radiology and imaging consultant.

Dr. Hatem Sallam is a diagnostic Radiology professor with a PHD from University of Cairo. He is a member of the Radiology Society of North America, Europe, Egypt, and the Arab World.

He conducted many researches in Cardiac, Gastrointestinal and Neuro Radiology field.

His outstanding experience in diagnosis of gastrointestinal diseases, in addition to urogenital, vascular, breast, endocrine and ovarian diseases by CT and MRI expands yet another time the unique medical services and the highest quality of care provided at Royale Hayat Hospital with the support of its experienced medical team and state of the art medical equipment and personalized treatments.


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