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NTDE Group joins hands with Dubai Municipality to make clean, sterilize water available for free

February 18, 2014 12:43 pm

National Trading and Developing Establishment (NTDE), a UAE-based Logistics & Distribution Company specializing in food and beverages products, has announced partnership with Dubai Municipality to put up Sabeel Drinking Water stations across Dubai. As part of its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) to promote access to clean water, NDTE will be launching more than 14 water stations for the communities in UAE. The first Sabeel water station located in Dubai Municipality Ras Al Khor’s Fruit and Vegetable market site was inaugurated on 15th December 2013 in the presence of the municipality officials and NTDE senior Management.

Designed in the shape of a ‘burjeel’ with natural granite flooring, the water station contains a tank holding approximately 600 gallons of water. Water based paint is used for the wall and the outside body in an effort to encourage environment friendly building materials. The water purification process is carried out in a three-step procedure in the tank. Separate compartments for purification and sterilization are built-in, with an ultraviolet sterilizer eliminating all traces of germs and algae. The purified water now flows to the refrigeration section and this cool water finds an outlet in the form of 3 taps supplemented by a stainless steel tray. Waste water, if any, flows into a rainwater drainage system where it is used fruitfully. All the equipment in the water station meets the specifications of Dubai Municipality. Mr. Hassan Ahmadi, Chairman of NTDE Group, is the man credited with initiating the ‘Sabeel’ drinking water project. He found inspiration in the rich heritage of the Emirates, and in particular, the ‘burjeel’ or traditional Emirati wind-tower, to come up with a water purification concept, that with efficient execution, would supply clean drinking water to people earning low wages.

Countless low-income wage earners live across the Emirate too. For them, clean drinking water is an expense that eats into their small income. Fresh, pure, sterilized cold water therefore, if available for free would be a boon eagerly looked forward to.

The Emirate of Dubai is home to millions of expatriates from across the globe. While many maintain a high standard of living – with ready and easy access to the best of brands and products manufactured in the world – there are many more who can only dream of it.

Sabeel drinking water is another successful initiative by the NTDE Group to better the life of low wage earners living in the Emirate of Dubai.