Nuance wins ‘Best Acute Care Health Technology’ Award at HIMSS Middle East Health Innovations Conference in Dubai

February 2, 2014 6:35 am

Nuance Communications, Inc. is honored to announce its solution was recently voted by regional healthcare professionals as a best-in-class technology aid for medical professionals.

The award was granted to Nuance during the HIMSS Middle East Health Innovations Conference in December in the UAE, where healthcare stakeholders in the Middle East gathered to debate the important trends in applying advanced IT to helping patients.

An estimated 200 professionals from the region selected Nuance as the clear winner in the ‘acute care’ section of the show’s product and proof of concept evaluations, demonstrating major show of confidence in the potential of speech recognition.

Commenting on the award, Dan McGraw, general manager and vice president of EMEA at Nuance, said: “This acceptance by the community at Dubai underlines growing acceptance of speech recognition technology as a critical tool to increase physician use and adoption of electronic medical records (EMR) as they navigate and dictate directly into an EMR – conveniently and in a way that immediately captures vital medical information they share with peers.”

The award was given to Nuance following a presentation by Nuance’s Chief Medical Information Officer, Dr Nick van Terheyden, in which he literally threw away his traditional microphone and instead used an iPhone to navigate a medical system running in a Windows session.

Delegates were able to see how easily he could populate the system, recording notes and routing information with the highest levels of accuracy and without touching either keyboard or mouse –manipulating images, patient records and other necessary data.

“Speech recognition allows doctors to capture high-quality clinical documentation without doing any two-fingered typing on a keyboard – enabling medical specialists to be physicians, not data entry clerks,” said McGraw.

Prestigious Middle Eastern users of the Nuance speech recognition system in Dubai include the Prince Hamzeh Hospital (Jordan), King Fahd University Hospital (KSA) and the UAE Ministry of Health.

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