Nuqul Group hosts Career Development Course for Delta Insurance Company Managers

February 10, 2014 8:49 am

Nuqul Group has recently held a training course for administrative staff working at Delta Insurance Company titled “Career Development Journey” focusing on training participants according to world-class principles and strategies. Mr. Nicola Billeh, HR Director of Nuqul Group, mentioned that this course aims at familiarizing staff with the most effective ways to determine long-term career goals. Additionally, many other topics were highlighted during the course focusing on the development of employees which reflects on the sustainability and success of the business.

Commenting on the occasion, Mr. Nicola Billeh said, “We are pleased to host colleagues from Delta Insurance Company and help them in improving their capabilities by giving them sound guidance for taking the best course of action in their careers.” He later emphasized that human capital is the most significant capital of any company; therefore, it should receive considerable investment and attention. The administrative staff needs to be properly trained on ways to effectively assess employees’ performance as this will motivate staff and encourage them to be creative and innovative.

The General Manager at Delta Insurance Company, Mr. Zaki Noursi, expressed his appreciation for the initiative saying, “I would like to thank Nuqul Group for the efforts made in organizing the course which has proven productive and effective. As Nuqul Group has always been known for their strong qualifications and experience in the market, we chose them to deliver the training course which includes all aspects of career development.”